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  1. I was due a dividend payment on 6/9/19 for shares held in company ticker CSH. I have contacted webchat and client services telephone but have no solution and have little confidence that the problem will be sorted. Can you tell me if there is a specific problem with dividends paid by CSH on 6/9/19? How do I resolve the matter?
  2. There is a dividend outstanding not credited to my ISA account after 4 weeks since the company's payment date. The company is CSH. Does anybody have the same problem with dividends from this company or any other company? I have contacted webchat on two occasions to be told that there is a reconciliation issue and the payment will be made soon. I have also contacted client services by phone but the conversation gives me little confidence of a solution. Can anybody help with how to resolve this problem or do you have the same unresolved problem?
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