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  1. I made a withdrawal twice for an amount of USD 300 and twice only USD 275 was credited and I found that USD25 was deducted. When I checked with a representative of IG this is what is the latest statement. "We can confirm that there is an intermediary bank that charged you $25. We send the full amount, however this bank is staying with a part. Please note that most likely you will be charged by the intermediary bank in future withdrawals."
  2. Dear IG, Please find a way to transfer withdrawals to account without any additional fee. I understand that you are not charging but there is an intermediary bank which deducts a portion as their fee. You have to find an alternative which can bypass this process of deduction. Thanks, Amit
  3. Hello, I downloaded MT4 in my mobile but I noticed that all the currencies are de active as a result when i select something to buy the new order selection is de active. Please help
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