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  1. For the love of god man,read the replies ..your question has been answered like 5 times It doesn't matter if you trade 1 dollar or 100 dollars a point or what price bitcoin is when you bought it or sold it. You said your account is in sterling so if you buy the dollar version of bitcoin and you.make or lose money e.g. you made $50..That will be converted to uk£ and ig will take a cut of 0.5% for making that conversion I assume for any fees its the same
  2. Just checked UK CFD and that doesn't either
  3. My Australian CFD account doesn't have that option but my UK spreadbetting does so It probably a CFD thing
  4. @JamesIG Hi James Is there a reason why the minimum deposit for the Swiss office is roughly 10x everywhere else
  5. Could you please direct me to where the question is that I missed as all I can see is you waffling as usual. But you insulted people with your offensive Muppet comment ..so you can't say anything about mental health to me when you did the same then
  6. And you calling me a muppet is ok ...what about all the people you are offending not to mention Kermit and Ms Piggy... What IF I reverse what you said to me ... I'm a proud white Australian (I'm not Australian by the way) and what are you a brown Indian How dare you somehow bring race and nationality into a discussion about trading
  7. 😂😂😂😂 I thought you were Philip ....You mean to tell me thats you on the left ...Oh my Getting a bit racist now too 😞
  8. To reiterate Casey's point that you are a clown,and that you are the forum'sform if comedy...everything you post is a) repetitive beyond belief and b) long winded stating of the obvious Every post you make is just news basically..bitcoin has dropped ,bitcoin is at its 200ma ,bitcoin is at 7000...maybe you should.look into a subscription service offering such news.. Please keep your response under 2000 words as I can't read your posts that go on and on or repeat about being good or bad traders or what have I posted to help others
  9. You must enjoy the sound if the keyboard clicking...long winded rubbish ..you.know the thread you started ,the comical one where you asked IG to pay you for your tripe, did you insist on being paid per word...I guess they are still thinking it over 😂
  10. The reason for the 2 usernames is I have UK account which I used until last year ,then transferred to the Australian branch .2 different logins and so when I came on here most recently I created a new name with my new username but my phone still had the old username saved and uses autofill ... I have not labelled myself as a fountain of knowledge, I am saying that you are not one ..posters like you stick out on all the forum's,constantly posting dribble day in and out like a copy and paste job... Everything you write is just long winded nonsense..take a post earlier some asked IG to make a fingerprint login for android...your reply is "an iPhone has a fingerprint login "..What was the point of it ...you.post just to post The one thing you are correct about is showing how to trade.like others that have asked for help ,nobody will explain how they trade ...the only ones that do that take your money and are useless or like you, Walter Mitty types that play.in forum's pretending they are trading gods And while you bring up disrespectfulness , if you had any respect or class you would sort out that profile pic
  11. You are confusing trading CFD`s with Spreadbetting a futures contract....😂😂
  12. The more you type the more you prove what I said Nobody said anything about spreadbetting ...You said you pay an overnight charge while holding your trade for weeks or months.You obviously buy or sell a DFB instead of the futures contract ....Even if you are spreadbetting you can do this...The fact that you dont know this tends to show you dont actually trade and if by chance you do,then you havent a clue I await your 1000 word response of twaddle
  13. When you click buy @ market and it comes up sell and amount of points,it is for your stop loss and the points you adjust is the amount of stop you want ....As for the other box .did you mess around with the order interface in the settings at any stage
  14. He posted the same thing the other day and I commented under it saying this place was comedy gold (which has now vanished) ..My comment was based on what you have said, why would you be paying out daily charges when you dont need to. Like I said comedy gold ,10 millions posts and doesnt even trade at all
  15. Why dont you just tear off a trade ticket and use that to enter the trade ....Thats what I do although I already know how much it costs ,I prefer to use a deal ticket to enter a trade but still use PRT for charts
  16. New Zealand is only available for local residents only ...Switzerland is the best option but you do need a much higher minimum deposit
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