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  1. You have answered your own question...Just print the Pro Real Time ..Open a detailed report for the time frame you want and then print it..Printer symbol top right corner
  2. When you are in the dashboard an there is a button that says open new platform ,is there not a dropdown arrow to give you option to pick old platform
  3. If you log in to the old platform,go into my Account and then settings.In the preference section scroll to session inactivity and adjust the timeout setting.See if that helps
  4. Hi I trade us500 and today for some reason the minimum guaranteed stop is now 10 points.Is there any particular reason for this and is it a permanent thing .Apart from the pain now of having to keep my eye on a trade and close it out manually it also more than trebles my margin requirements thanks Mark
  5. Hi I use Prorealtime and since last week I have moved to the Australian Office to trade so I am using the Prorealtime linked to that account.On my Uk version whenever I select to draw a line ,copy an object or delete on object ,the item stays selected until I deselect it or do something else..On this version when you select anything you get to use it 1 time and then it automatically deselects the function . So basically if 10 items I wanted to delete off my chart I would click the bin and select each item one by one until they are gone .Now however I have t hit the bin then the item then the bin then the item and so on .It is annoyingly slow .Does anyone know if there is a way to make it myo ld way thanks Mark
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