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    53 minutes ago, cryptotrader said:

    very interesting point and entirely agree.

    It is quite sad, since Reuters has their principles they need to adhere to that mandate objectivity and factual reporting.

    In 80-90% of cases they report factual reports and unbiased information, but when it comes to certain political events it's as if the editors and reporters on the stories spin flavor and saturate their own views into the story.

    Quite dangerous since the markets demand objective reporting and not opinion-based reporting as to make rational and critical investment decisions.

    I've actually thought of writing them an email regarding this issue, due to the larger amount of biased news-reporting I've been seeing lately.

    8 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

    Undoubtedly true but there is a conundrum here. They put on a virtue signalling face and adhering to the views of the left which have risen to prominence in the last 10 years but these guys are the richest on the planet. They have gained their wealth by a capitalism completely unadulterated by socialism. So are they really primarily leftist and schizophrenic or am I just being naive.  


    It is in the education systems, and if Harvard is affected by this, which classically has been associated to be on the capitalistic side of the spectrum, one starts to see that this paradox is all-encompassing throughout Western-society.

    The riches they have amassed are indeed created by market structures, and prominent offshore havens to evade 38% corporation tax (Until Trump change that and  profit repatriations have started to flow back to the U.S.*).

    It is thus therefor very ironic, that they are publicly outspoken and prominent champions of leftist ideologies but when it comes to business, refrain to be true capitalists.

    I often view the left to be a heep of caffé latte sipping drinkers, intellectuals who so to speak read the driver's manual of the car, but never drive the car and get that intuitive experience of knowledge or society.

    Monopoly on morality is also one of their characteristics, were being lectured on values of right and wrong creates a judgementative atmosphere, that elevates their position akin to a judge.

    Summarizing it, one starts to understand that they've taken for granted the riches emassed, which is the same thing they so ferociously criticize and despise - the market.

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  2. I think everyone knows by this time that all tech companies based out of California are primarily leftist.

    You'll see leftist tendencies on Reuters & Bloomberg, but it is way more subtle and requires a trained eye.
    Reuters " special investigations " are filled with skewed leftism reports

    Problem is if you point this out your automatically assumed to be right-wing. It's as if everyone has forgotten that there are in fact other virtues at play than a political continuum. 

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