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  1. It occurs on the web-trader platform too, across the SP500.
  2. Dear @NadelinaIG. Guaranteed trailing stops serve the purpose of protecting one's capital in terms of trading on a swing-term basis. It prevents unpredictable market gaps that could erase substantial gains. Options for both trailing-stop-limit orders and guaranteed-trailing-stop-limit orders should exist as it increases the universe of possibilities in terms of executing proper risk management.
  3. Like the title suggests, can IG please add these functionalities? It is pretty sour to trade and then have everything wiped out due to a market gap.
  4. When earnings season comes along, it'd be very very nice to have expected EPS, and surprise % when the earnings drop for shares listed on every exchange. This is one of the perhaps most important things IG can add to their economic calendar, as it is extremely fundamental. https://www.ig.com/au/marketanalysis/ig-economic-calendar/2018/08/04?tab=companyEarnings
  5. I see, but it should be included in your functionality. Guaranteed trailing stops would be very nice too.
  6. It depends on each traders individual psychological makeup. I do not feel that I am rational when I trade and watch my trades. I do planning each weekend, set limit orders, wait until they get executed and then oversee them a couple of times a day.
  7. Why doesn't IG offer to set a trailing stop to a specific limit order? Currently it only exists on market orders, and if one puts a limit order which gets filled, one has to manually put a trailing stop after the position has been executed. Is there a way to fix this or does ProRealTime have this feature?
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