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  1. Yes, it should be 0.98 GBP for buy. But the trading system requires 152 GBP margin for buy. WHY?
  2. The deal ticket: US500 3400 CALL (MAR 20) Size: 1 Currency: GBP Sell price: 0.38 Buy price: 0.98 Margin required: 152.12/0.98 I have 107 GBP on my account. When I press the BUY, the system warns that I do not have enough funds on my account, I have to deposit more. WHY? I costs 0.98 GBP only to BUY that option. Could anyone help me?
  3. Hello, I try to buy a sp500 call option, traded at 0.71 GBP per point. The trading platform cannot execute the trade, it says that the margin requirement is 152 GBP ! I have only 107 GBP on my spread betting account. I cannot understand this big margin requirement for buying an option, it should only be 0.71 GBP for buying 1 point. Coulld anyone help me? Thanks, Laszlo
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