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  1. Various shares on swing trades minor loss but frustrating compared to other platforms or that you can do it on CFDs. Also no linkage withthird party sodftware for portfolio management. I did futher orders for the stop llss but on the limit sell on target point in wont let me as itvsays im trying to short i will be giving a call to go over it all again on there platforms
  2. It is absolutely disgusting in this day of technology that you can be the only platform that when purchasing shares don't allow you to put. obvious stop loss on limits for sale. THere might be a back entrance method on the PC but not on the mobile apps and even after the advice given. it immediately sells my SHARES. YOU ARE TAKING MY MONEY and it doesn't belong to you at that point. There is no linked software for portfolio management or taxes (simply wall st, share sight, invest smart etc). The research is lacking, no brokerage reports, no extensive stock across international marke compa
  3. Will IG look at partnering with portfolio software services, like sharesight ,simply wall st, etc etc etc. All trades are automatically linked across and tax reporting down and ease of portfolio management done.
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