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  1. Good shout @cryptotrader. Nice to see a direct counter to the negative spin that the NYT put on their interview with him - apparently they happened on the same day and, as you can see, it's a very different Elon to the one portrayed in the NYTimes.

    Still a way to go on this issue, but if you can see past the FUD I think there's still a strong possibility this will go ahead. Just hoping I can keep my stake!

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  2. Thanks @rimmy2000

    Unfortunately it does not go into how that affects non-US shareholders (why would it, as it was originally addressed to Tesla employees :)).

    As @JamesIG says above, this could get complicated and is hard to speculate on before all the details come out should the deal go ahead. At the very least it appears that I would need to move my shares out of their protective ISA wrapper. 

    I wait with baited breath.

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