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  1. I have just logged in ok and downloaded some data successfully. Have not tried automated trading yet, but will have a go this afternoon.
  2. Thanks jlz; I program in vba and could probably use what you have said to maybe delve into a solution, but none of us should have too really. Still, you are probably right that this will be fixed soon, unless IG have just given up on their API which is always possible. It's certainly not well supported. No, I don't know how to report this directly to IG sadly. I'll have a look tomorrow maybe and report back if I find out more.
  3. jlz - how do you implement that to get round the login problem?
  4. Thanks for the info; at least I know it's not something I've done!
  5. Hi I am getting the following error from the IG API when trying to log in via their Excel interface file: {“errorCode”:”error.client.accounts.list.generic-error”} I log in every day this way and have never had this problem before. Does anyone have any idea how to get round it?
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