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  1. Thanks @Caseynotes, ideally I'd like to just purchase at whatever the market price is when the market re-opens but the only option is "Limit - Day". Seems like a problem of the IG system? OR perhaps something not setup correctly with my account?
  2. Looking in my History/Past Activity is says the result for each one was "Rejected: 11" if that helps?
  3. Hi - trying to place my first IG ETF purchase but cannot. The market is closed but that shouldn't be a problem? Upon selecting an ETF (VTI for example), I view the ticket information and select "Buy", the quantity and order type is un-editable and stuck at "Limit - Day". Clicking "Place Order" shows the summary "Your order will be ready for execution when the market opens. You can view and edit queued orders in the Working Orders panel" But after that, it shows the below error message with no more information. "Order Rejected. Your order has been rejected" Any ide
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