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  1. Ive had a look through prorealcode but xouldnt find the exact thing i was looking for. Could anyone please recommend a stock filter / screener like in the attached photo please?
  2. Hi, I'm using the ProRealTime account, albeit still in the demo version, but noticed that I can download third party ad on options for my platform. Are these safe/ do they work? I am after a stock scanner similar to the TD ameritrade Think or swim stock hacker, where by I can filter stocks for whatever I wish. For example, I can select a 3% change during premarket and volume above 5000 etc. This way, i can filter to the stocks i deem suitable for me. The ProScanner that IG has doesn't seem to do this. Any ideas please of an add on? Thanks
  3. Hi @Caseynotes, thank you for being so helpful! I am spread betting - both day and swing. The picture below is just used as an example to try and explain my misunderstanding, i'm not actually trading this stock - So, the current stock is priced at £122.00, I wish to buy at say £122.10 and sell at say £122.30, yet I cannot I have to buy at £122.51 and hope that stock continues to rise past that point? Or am I completely getting the wrong end of the stick - The buying is meant to be the easy part. I asked if this varies between platforms as I saw a video using Lightspeed trading
  4. I am definitely showing my beginners ignorance. Allow me to try again.. I am looking to initially trade the UK Small Caps. I would like someone to explain/ elaborate as to why the deal or order buy price is so much higher than what the stock is currently trading at - Does the difference between current stock value and buy price vary between platforms? I'll re-post my earlier example: if a stock is currently trading at £60 and is showing an upward trend, I want to buy asap to allow for the greatest margin of profit. However, my only buy option is only at £64 (when choosing deal), as
  5. Thank you. I will learn eventually! I'll try and re-word my question using an example - if the current market value of the stock is £60 and is showing an upward trend, I want to buy asap to allow for the greatest margin of profit. However, I can't buy until say £64, which is basically the top of the resistance, so isn't worth it. Is IG the best UK platform? I like the look of TD ameritrade and Lightspeed but they're for Americans only. I hope that makes sense now!
  6. Just starting, can someone please explain why I can't buy at the price I want to? I have to wait for it to reach that price before I can buy - I want to buy earlier to allow for a greater margin of profit. I know on other platforms you can. In comparison to the US, the UK platforms are fairly ****. Best is IG apart from the fixed prices - or is that just my settings/ because I'm doing a demo? Please help, thanks!
  7. I have just opened an ig demo account and want to make it realistic. Therefore, how do you lower your funds please?
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