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  1. Hi CharlotteIG, Thank you for your reply, yes it helps. I will try not panic if the spread widens outside the trading session next time - all part of my learning curve!
  2. Hi, Thank you for your replies. The screenshot below shows my SELL trade - placed 24 Oct 2.50pm. The measurement 154 pips is my +£15 at close Thurs; and 213.3 beneath is the opening Fri 9am. I was in a loss of -£40, as the Spread was 63 pips wider. Price was volatile and stalled for 3 hours Fri morning. The red line shows my entry and exit. I closed out at -£11 eventually - cut my losses. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this one!
  3. Hello, I thought I had found a good trade - At the close last night I was £8 in profit (trading at 10p /pip). This morning the spread has widened 63 pips and where I should be seeing a profit on 400 pips I am down -£15. 400 x 0.10p = 40. I should be up £40. - How can I be 400 pips away from my entry point in the right direction, but £15 down? I had always assumed that the Bid/Selling price on entry stood, even if the spread did widen afterward? - will the spread size reduce through the day? - should I close the trade, and cut my losses? I will be grateful for any insight / thoughts and experiences. Thank you.