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  1. Yes, I agree, Adobe flash is quite a nuisance, and time for something new. The 'ask first' (or rather 'don't ask first') might be quite important. I haven't experimented with this (don't dare!) as my charts are working OK for the time being. Sorry, but I don't have any other suggestions at present. Hope you can find an alternative solution soon. TME
  2. Hi koala, Have you tried following Earthalien's advice (a couple of entries above yours)? I had exactly the same problem as you, but found that worked. Here are the steps: As of september 2017 I got my charts back on chrome by doing: menu ( three black dots top right near the star ) settings advanced settings ( right at bottom of page, scroll down as far as you can go) content setttings Flash settings Allow sites to run Flash dont ask first ! DONE
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