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  1. Hey guys re: RNS's there is a 'news' tab on the stock menu from reuters that has the RNS's live. But you don't want to go check every one although its easy if you have a watch list as it is quite clear. What I have for this tho is a free service from the LSE just setup a free account with them create a watch list of all stocks that fit your criterior and click alerts for news - which means market moving news. You will get your RNS's the same time as the whole market gets them. Its can give you a real edge if there is a release during the day.
  2. How to get people interested in this communiity is to give us what we want. We want to know what others think of certain stocks / movments or news or earnings on the stocks we are interested in. A BB tab (Bulletin Board) on the stock menu is the first thing I would click if there was news or a sudden movment or any number of reasons.
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    What I would really like is a scanner of UK stocks something like Finviz in the US so I can be alerted to stocks that have gapped up or down. Can anyone recommend one? I have search and don't actally think there are any for UK stocks. Cheers.
  4. I think we all know by now that the server that serves the charting at IG is slow it's not the No1 browser in the world Chrome and clearing your cask etc is just a waste of time so is reinstalling flash on your machine as IG is online not on your computer.
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