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  1. Oil prices at 4-year high after OPEC declines to raise supply Bank holiday in China and Japan Trade Talks: Abe's trade discussion with Trump is "constructive" in second round, China will only hold trade talks once Trump stops threats Trade wars cause the European markets to dip, Brexit is also affecting sentiment Dollar remains steady, whilst Indian rupee drops Asian overnight: A largely bearish affair overnight saw losses through the Hang Seng and ASX 200, as Japanese and Chinese markets enjoyed national holidays. The recent tariffs imposed by the US (and in
  2. Hi @Squex, unfortunately, we are unable to change the language of your account to English since you have registered for a German account. However, you can select the option to automatically translate the page to English from your browser settings.
  3. Hi @VividSky, I have contacted your account manager and informed them that you wish to be contacted. They will give you more information regarding your account which I am unable to discuss on here due to the personal nature of the process. Please keep an eye out, and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.
  4. Hi @Fredppf, yes, our website is accessible in Morocco and Moroccan clients can have an account with us.
  5. Hi @InconnectTrading, this has not been introduced yet, unfortunately, but I have forwarded your request to the relevant team.
  6. Hi @zala, a few people have requested the option to automatically add a trailing stop to a limit order to open which we have passed onto the relevant dev teams. Unfortunately at the moment we don't have a firm roadmap on delivery as the current stop/trailing stop format relies on other logic in the back end which means we can't simply just switch it on. I shall continue to feed back to the relevant teams and I'll look to update Community members if the above changes. When it comes to guaranteed trailing stops this isn't something which we have seen as much feedback on, however I will also
  7. Asia stocks pull back as weakness in China outweighs NAFTA trade U.S. - Canada trade talks are making progress Dollar drops, whilst the pound is trading at a four-week high Extend overnight rally by oil prices German and Spanish inflation stabilization in August with economists estimating a rate of 2.1% for Germany and 2.3% for Spain Brexit talks remain deadlocked Asian overnight: A largely bearish session overnight has seen losses across China, Australia, and Hong Kong, as the optimism sparked by the breakthrough in talks between the US and Mexico fades ah
  8. Hi @bearbull, thanks for your feedback on the share dealing trading platform - all feedback is useful! Optimising the share dealing platform is an ongoing project. Unfortunately, due to the recent major regulatory changes in Europe, the project was postponed, but we are looking to introduce a new, better and up-to-date platform for all our share dealing clients. We want to make sure the platform is suitable and the best it can be for share traders needs so unfortunately it's not a case of just pushing share dealing functionality through the new web trading platform layout. As soon
  9. Hi @market1, we are currently working on creating tax statements for sharedealing accounts, which will be tested in the coming months. In the meantime, we can provide you with full ledger summary statements, including all dividends, profit/loss etc. We usually send those as .pdf files, however, if you wish to receive a .xlsm excel file you can calculate the overall figure, by marking all applicable numbers and looking at the "Sum" figure at the bottom right hand side of the page.
  10. Hi @gigitygigity, thank you for your interest in trading KO for shares. As you are aware we have just launched this product and are currently collecting feedback from clients for further offering. We don't have a shares offering on our road map, but if this comes out we will be notifying clients. Please note that we will be doing an End of month report, which will reflect all feedback from the previous month in the forum. Thus, I encourage everyone who wants to trade KO for shares to leave a comment below (guest comments also count).
  11. Hi @1st4freedom and @TrendFollower, Thank you for your interest in trading IOTA with IG. We are currently in process of reviewing the option to offer IOTA, however, there are a few implication such as demand, hedging and storage that we need to consider before offering it. At this point, due to the aforementioned, we are not in a position to offer IOTA. If this situation changes, we will be notifying our clients. Please note that we have recently launched 3 new coins on the back of IG Community poll.
  12. Hi @Angribob, when the premium is in: - points - of the bet size (eg. 3pts premium is 3 X £10 per point = £30) - percentage - of the bet size X price (eg. 0.3% premium is 0.3% X £ 10 per point X £ 1000 price = £30) Also please note that the premium is paid only if the stop is triggered. I hope this helps.
  13. Hi Jonny B, thanks for your feedback. I will forward your request to the relevant team for system improvements.
  14. Hi @pjcapital, I have looked into your account, however, as this relates to personal details on your account, I will contact you directly to discuss this.
  15. Trump and Mexico reach trade to key parts of a trade deal to replace the current ‘NAFTA’ agreement. S&P 500 and Nasdaq closing at record highs for the second consecutive session. Dow finished above 26000 for the first time since February. Turkish lira sees a fresh sell off after a week long national holiday as investors don’t see an end to the US row. Netflix sees the appointment of a new communications officer, previously top executive to Facebook. Statement issued by Tesla on Friday stated “Elon communicates to the board that after having done all this work and co
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