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  1. Hi there, Apologies that no one has gotten back to you. Dan is currently on leave and as such your query was not seen. I apologise for the inconvenience. If you are looking to use the premium version of ProRealTime you just need to apply for an account from their website at this link: https://trading.prorealtime.com/en/brokerage/cfd-forex-trading Bear in mind that if you already have an existing IG account you may receive a message that the account cannot be opened. If you receive this please just contact our helpdesk line during the day so that our Account Opening team can manual
  2. Hi there, Our CFD prices for Hong Kong and Singaporean stocks are taken directly from the main exchanges. As such, you shouldn't be seeing any differences if you have live prices activated. Would you be able to let us know where you were seeing the smaller spreads so that we can take a look into it for you?
  3. I can confirm we have been receiving reports that this issue does seem to be resolved now. If you are still experiencing any connectivity issues please give our helpdesk line a quick call so that we can look into this further. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Hi there, Unfortunately the issue is still ongoing. We will be posting updates here and on Twitter (@IGClientHelp) as they come. We recommend that any clients affected also contact Telstra Customer Service so that they are aware of the number of people impacted. It would be best to let them know that you are having connectivity issues with streaming/accessing data from ig.com and that IG have confirmed that clients on other networks have not had any issues. Furthermore this issue has started from around 4:30pm Melbourne/Sydney time on the 24th. We hope for this to be resolved soon.
  5. A number of our Australian clients are experiencing connectivity issues with our platform. It appears to be affecting clients who are using the Telstra network. This is something that we are aware of and our technical team is investigating with Telstra. If you are experiencing issues with the platform, accessing our platform through a different network may resolve the issue. If you need to manage any positions please feel free to contact our dealing line and we will be happy to assist over the phone.
  6. Hi Jeff, A number of our clients are experiencing connectivity issues with our platform. It appears to be affecting clients who are using the Telstra network. Our technical team is speaking with Telstra and looking into this issue. We will provide further information as soon as it arises.
  7. Hi there, We are always looking to improve our service and to expand our order types on offer. Unfortunately Good till Cancelled stop orders are not currently offered however GTC orders on Share Trading accounts are one of the main things that we are looking into. I have passed your message on to our development team as feedback. Hopefully it's something we can offer in future!
  8. Hi there, We do not actually offer any exchange traded options. We only offer trading CFDs on options and they are all OTC. We do have a comprehensive offering of index options which you can trade on our platform. With regard to equity options, we generally only offer them on the largest stocks and usually with only 1 to 2 month expiry times. As an indication, for Australia we would only offer the top 20 shares. Additionally, equity options are only tradeable over the phone. I hope this has clarified your query. If you have any further questions please let us know!
  9. Hi there, Yes you are right, I believe we misunderstood initially. I have forwarded this on to our IT team as feedback. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions so please feel free to keep them coming!
  10. Hi there Jambo, If you are referring to the screen where you can find the balances and P&L figures on all of your sub accounts, there is actually a way to get this in the mobile apps. When using the Iphone app you can bring this up by going to the More tab in the bottom right corner of the screen. In this section if you go to Accounts it will display your account summaries. On the Ipad you can do this by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and then going to Account Settings. If this was not what you were looking for please let me know.
  11. Hi there Cuong, A BPAY will usually take 1 day to reach us from when your bank has processed it. Once a BPAY has been received we will credit it to your account in the morning around 9 - 10am Melbourne/Sydney time. What I believe you are referring to in terms of 3 months might be the Proof of Payment feature. If you send us a valid BPAY receipt, we can sometimes credit the funds to your account before they reach us from your bank. Our credit team does have to assess the status of your account when doing this as we are crediting funds that we have not received yet. Please note that
  12. Hi there, thanks for your query. You are right about the margin requirement on purchased options. The margin requirement will be the maximum possible loss on the trade and this applies for options on any underlying market, not just for index options. If you have any further queries on this please let us know.
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