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  1. @JamesIG , I just this second restarted and all is working. Many thanks. @Caseynotes , Some nice information. I actually went back through the PDF and picked up on a few things I missed first time. Always worth another look. On a slightly related note, ADVFN provides a L2 guide that is worth a read. Excluding the few pages specific to their platform, It also includes a brief intro to level 2 history, market depth, supply/demand, market timing, auctions ect. A fairly well thought out reference. Not sure if I can link here, but it's googles 1st result for "Level2Explained.pdf advfn".
  2. Until seeing your post I had assumed L2 dealer displayed the order books for only SETS stocks. (for the small data feed charge, I thought that was fair enough..) Searching via the main L2 menu will return a drop down, but clicking does nothing. No pop-up. Searching via an already open L2 order book will return nothing, only SETS stocks. Pics below, ignore time zone. Any Ideas? Thanks, SW.
  3. Hi all, I've recently been struggling in Chrome (Windows 10) with unresponsive and generally temperamental charts. I decided to give Firefox a go, and I'm pleased to say I have improved results. More fluid charts, and less lag between switching tabs etc. Looking around the board, I know a lot of you have similar struggles with the flash charts provided by the old platform, so if your willing to follow suit, the switch might just help. Hence this post; It wasn't immediately obvious how to install flash onto a fresh install of Firefox, since it seems they no longer openly sup
  4. Useful link. Thanks @Caseynotes. Everything lit back up around 8.55 for me. 8.00 to 8.15 - All system go. 8.15 to 8.55 - Problem as described. Hopefully the platform is back working for all.
  5. Same here, very odd. All instruments. LSE seems to be in regular trading. Need answers, cannot edit orders.
  6. Hi James, For complete clarity, this also applies to CFD's automatically created via DMA share dealings? I.e. in any case they're cash payments? Many Thanks.
  7. To add to JamesIG comment on 'SETS,SETSqx...' Every 'Trading Service' on the LSE has different order capabilities. For clarity, I put together a rough table concerning the most common market segments. (excl. ETF's, gilts, etc.). Data is truncated, but exactly as it came from the LSE Excel sheet referred below table. For all intents and purposes, and in my experience, IG honors the order capabilities as per the LSE services (i.e as per table). Data taken from document 'Millennium Exchange and TRADEcho Business Parameters', worksheet 'Sector Breakdown'. Available at https://www.l
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