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  1. Hi Casey...

    just spoken to IG, technical and help desk and been informed that this FX pair NZD/CAD is not made available on the MT4 demo platform, something to do with the configuration in MT4 demo mode and is unlikely to be offered in the future.

    Presently I only use the 'IG live platform' to place my trades & use the demo MT4 for more indepth technical analysis. I probably will have to delete the IG MT4 account and go with another broker like Oanda who do not limit the 28 major FX pairs on MT4.

    many thanks for your help...


  2. Hi Casey... 

    Yeap, I have done all that you asked me to do and I still do not see NZD/CAD.

    Strange though, the last time I had an email from IG stating that - this is a FX pair that they do not offer to trade as there in not enough demand was the reason given but they 'may' offer it at a later date. I am a bit confused as to how you have access to it.

    I will probably give the IG trading desk a bell tomorrow and see what they say this time round...thanks again for your troubles.

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