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  1. Testing DAX on the SpreadBetting Demo account and when trying to submit a order, it is reject as the level should be 300 points away from current price. is anyone having the same problem?
  2. Hi NicoIsHere Thank you for your reply. At least I am not the only one having the problem. I will wait to see if they will get it fixed. Otherwise I might raised it with the support team as well. Thanks
  3. Hello, I have noticed that the streaming feed (just working on the DEMO account) is not publishing the OPU message anymore after a market order is submitted. (using the REST API) Until the 10th of July I used to receive a CONFIRM updated followed by an OPU message as well. However, since the 11th of July I am now seeing only the CONFIRM update. Also, when the position hit the stop or limit level, no OPU messages are generated as well. Has anyone noticed the same behavior or is aware of a change or problem with the API? Thanks
  4. I am seeing the same problem since yesterday. Unable to load the charts since
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