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  1. Maybe a bit of a punt but Superdry is now looking well oversold. Its normalised PE is well below all of its peers and its full year results although disappointing were not that bad. I know Dunkerton sold down depressing the price but it has fallen consistently since then on no news. Interims due in November so who knows there may be further disappointment but unless these are really bad the price seems to reflect that. Sure some of you technical boys have looked at this and can tell me I am wearing rose tinted glasses!!
  2. Very wise words and I agree. Stop loss already in place and will certainly not be increasing my position until I see some strong reasons to do so. Once again many thanks.
  3. Many thanks for taking the time to respond and your insight on AIM shares. I have always appreciated the liquidity issues and unfortunately that is a risk that has been a problem ever since AIM was established. Problem is institutional investors very rarely invest to any significant extent until a trend does emerge and therein lies the problem for the small private investor who would like to invest in early stage . Once institutional investors do become interested the price rises before private investors get a chance and they end buying at a substantially higher price. this pushes the price further , institutions take some profit, depress the price, private investors panic further depressing the price and institutions buy back in. All a vicious circle. Welcome to AIM!!?? I am in already in (modestly) so will see where it goes - fingers and everything else crossed. Not a good investment stategy!!!!!!!!
  4. Has anyone done any research or analysis on Eden Research an AIM-listed company that develops and supplies breakthrough bio-pesticide products? Its markets centre around crop protection, animal health and consumer products. It has spent several years building its IP portfolio and has been successful in achieving patent protection and product approvals in Europe and elsewhere. It has now started to commercialise its offering with several partners who are big players in the agricultural and crop protection markets. I think it has really exciting prospects in its targeted markets in the medium to long term but it is difficult to find independent analysis for what is a small company having little following. Interested to hear from anyone else who is invested in the company or has any particular insight.
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