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  1. Is there any chance to remove/fix a candlestick on the Germany 30 chart. It occurs on the 17th Sept.I cannot analyse the charts because they have been condensed due to this candlestick.
  2. Can anyone at IG help? Ive been noticing the last few days that the indices charts have been showing these irregular spikes at close. The prices are jumping and then coming back down to where they started at around 9.00pm Uk time.Ive looked at the main IG site on the charts (without login) and they are not showing these spikes. Ive also looked at other sites at they dont have these spikes. Sent a note to the feedback Dept but they said volatility.But it doesnt look like it to me.My stops are being triggered all the time. Has anyone else noticed these on the demo account?
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