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  1. James and Jasmine, appreciate your help, can't fault IG's customer service here.
  2. Transfering to another broker is discussed in this whirlpool thread here: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2698381 From what I'm aware of the $50 transfer fee is if you are transfering your shares to an issuer-sponsored format, which is something held directly with the register of that company whose shares you hold. Not 100% sure and someone please correct me if I'm wrong but this basically means you hold the shares yourself without a broker-sponsor (like IG is) and without a CHESS/HIN (like CommSec or NabTrade). CommSec has some info here: https://www.commsec.com.au/support/frequently-asked-questions/410.html From what I gather you just need to submit a broker to broker transfer form with your new broker. It might be a little more complicated because IG doesnt use CHESS/HIN, but I think the process is still the same. If someone knows more please correct me, this is just my understanding from reading online, I'm no expert.
  3. Same here, will be taking my business to selfwealth. This simply isn't what I signed up for.