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  1. 19 hours ago, dmedin said:


    So if you'd just bought an S&P 500 ETF and reinvested the dividends you would have ridden out the troughs and your capital would not only have been preserved but appreciated handsomely, the longer you held it.

    Everything I read on here leads me to suspect that traders are gamblers who lose money trying to beat 'buy and hold', and they fail over and over and over again and just never learn.

    buy n hold using cfd's?

    u will be slaves n keep on paying interest.....hardcore...lolx

  2. Its facts,its obvious lots of novice individual being tricked by it.

    You must have capital of 50 -100K for a start,and trade INDEXES, like NIKKEI,DAX,DOW,S&P.

    To have holding power is A MUST .

    Personally i feel that equities moves not volatile,

    Do remember the charges by providers like borrowing,funding,commission etc.,these will eat up your capital daily like termites,NO FREE LUNCH ,CFD are for hardcore punters.

    All the best,for HARCORE punters.

    I envy rogue trader called,LONDON WHALE.




  3. On 20/12/2018 at 21:52, TrendFollower said:

    The US 500 which is the (S&P 500) is an attractive potential shorting opportunity. 

    As many of you know I like to be as open and transparent as possible. I like to keep things simple and really add significant value to the IG Community with real live trades.

    I have today opened a short position on the US 500 at 2506.91 via IG's Spread Betting platform. I should get daily credit interest as well - 😉

    Why did I pick this to short ahead of the other indices? Well first of all it has lower margin requirements than other indices. This is extremely important when one is adding to short positions as the price continues to move downwards thus trying to maximise profits. Also the trends seem similar when comparing it to the Dow so why use up extra capital on margin requirements?

    Again I am sharing some of my live trades with the IG Community and will share my views, thinking and rationale behind any decisions. I will not hide behind complex analysis and complex theory that many may find difficult to follow or understand.


    'I have today opened a short position on the US 500 at 2506.91 via IG's Spread Betting platform. I should get daily credit interest as well - 😉"

    "You quote will receive daily credit interest",

    Could you elaborate,when shorting, we will still receive credits,what kind of credits that we will receive?

    As what i encountered, dividend that need to be paid, is quite costly, if you kept long term,not to forget the funding charges too.

    Thank you for sharing.








  4. Hi, @JamesIG

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I still dont get info. that I wanted.

    I tried to generate reports option that you provided but still no avail.


    Funding options was not there on the open position tab:

    hence If i liquidate it ,I have no idea the loss occurs that was not included for the total.

    To date what is the funding amount that incurs to date on my open positions?

    see snapshot which explained.


  5. hi James,

    I have requested the reports from the local team (singapore)

    But the reports provided are "closed" position trades!

    I wanted to have reports "opened during"  and not reports "closed"

    System can only produced 90 days periods for "opened during" option,and they told me to raise feedback on this matter.

    I feel that it is improper not to provide details on my open positions as I have no clues of charges occurs.

    I have attached the snapshot of my losses too,as I have no info on my charges to date,. ie: funding/browing/others etc.


    My account number ***** (MOD EDIT: please remeber this is a public forum and you shouldn't post personal information online...)

    Below snapshot are my requests :

    NB: See created date from the snapshot.

    Kindly help,thank you.




  6. amended on my comment
    my bad folks
    This is my views
    It seems that force open check box option is really a setback during execution of trades during high pressure time,and likely traders to overlook.
    I have also put up a suggestion to have the option to be otherwise, default the check box rather than current practice.

  7. Preferred it be manually selected on the check box 

    i had bad experience and did suggest to helpdesk to removed that default check


    It is very helpful for those having an open positions long or short,

    The newbie or people that are not  familiar with this platform will have this problem.

    I did three times mistakes on this.


    Best pick is that traders choose manually to avoid dispute

    It make sense that we select,choose and pick on what we wanted.

    NB. on this tool only (Force Open)