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  1. didnt knew about ODEY but i believe by the time news hits the market transactions are already done look at GBPUSD falling since 2014 but news only consider 24th June. FCA should audit random check to price spikes especially City Index scammers
  2. i dont know sometimes when i compare the FXCM and IG charts i see the price tied above or below that i think is not normal only to get to profitable stops or not to reach profitable targets. Execution in IG is better though IG doesn't allow scalping i was doing scalping on PRT and the software put me immediately from 5pips to 10pips stop loss or i cant enter my orders thats gone now but it think scalping is not making money for IG. Compared to City i think IG is much better i was with City their customer service is horrific and their mobile platform freezes so man times even when no news is coming. With City if your position is in profit and you want to close it early you cant do it because mobile platform will freeze i noticed that 20-30 times over a period of month and then i closed much better with IG. Luckily it hasnt happened with IG till now. IG needs to have some documentation on how they use guaranteed stops i think Guaranteed stops are in favor of trader rather than IG but still want to know the mechanics so that i know it will be honored.
  3. Execution in IG is much better but im assuming if you want to trade big sizes margin as well as execution will suffer. As i understand IG calls its accounts DMA but the DMA account is different than spreadbet account if i'm correct. Now about Guaranteed stops its still not clear one way im thinking is IG moves risk to their banks over weekend for a small fee.
  4. i asked iG how can they support guaranteed stops wouldnt this means absorbing trader loss. i wanted to make sure that they will honor guaranteed stops no matter the gap couldnt find a suitable answer any ideas fellas
  5. I was trading Euro past few weeks and i had one open order on weekend with normal stop loss it gapped down and my position in profit went heavy loss that sets up a series of down days for me. if i would have used guaranteed stops it would have been small loss. Ive been on phone with IG support and after many minutes i got this idea 1. Guaranteed stop price is dependent on volatility. if normal day hours its of no use unless black swan event takes Now since its based on volatility under high volatility your trailing guaranteed stop instead of in your favor can go against you as it wil lbe calculated dynamically 2. Guaranteed stops payment only when its hit if its not hit then its not charged This one i couldn't understand because the cc agent told me that they include the premium for guaranteed stop when you place the order so instead of spread being .6 they will charge you 1.6 so that means you have already paid for guaranteed stop Here's how ill use them 1. You could use Daily ATR*1.5 as guaranteed stops as an insurance during market hours who knows 2. On weekends if ive positions open ill definitely use guaranteed stops. 3.If you are using PRT then you cant place Guaranteed stops so either go to portal or call IG
  6. Hello Guys, Its an old thread but i see some securities showing volume while some not Q1. Is their a list where i can find which ones are showing the volume Q2. This volume is it coming from CME futures or is it for Forex also. Please respond when you can Cheers
  7. Apart from backtesting its a pain to get daily opening closing as per NY times If drawing is enabled then i can plot horizontal lines at predetermined times and move them around using one single indicator rather than right click line(pain in a$$) then move,delete,configure why cant it be on mouseover move delete and on double click show properties. PRT charts are good for trading but they are lagging in lots of features than some of the best charting trading software out there. Drawing will be huge addition as im not trading automated as of now if i want more back tick data i can open $500 oanda account and get as much forex data i want and do a test on them rather than on spread bet data. if IG gives Futures Data in the same platform as PRT for a price then we can have VWAP,POC,VPOC ,IBL,IBL etc and can make a huge difference to automated or manual trading. If PRT includes Market-Delta indicator(which need future volume) and i can synchronize it by the price-lag on spread bet account then ive got advantage of spread bet and futures together.
  8. i looked for EURUSD and DAX Forward and DFB none of them have any data in bids and ask columns
  9. If i click on my platform this link it displays order ticket mabe ive messed up the settings after your response i went on and looked at L2 Forex Direct Ladder so something good came out for it even if it was not what im looking for youre right im interested in orders going through like Futures Forwards. FXCM displays client volume and has On Real Balance volume indicator which is less than what Market Delta displays using Futures instruments. similar thing for spread bet would have been useful to see volume going through so that volume price action strategies can be implemented in spread betting. hopefully in future Thanks for looking into this for me.
  10. Hi Tim, Apologies ive been away from this forum for a while im back using ladders can i see the futures volume for EURUSD Forward Mar 2017 can you let me know location of ladder in PROrealtime i cant locate it Many Thanks
  11. i think their is a difference in the version PROrealtime has and the version IG uses their are some custom specifications For eg other day i was on http://www.prorealcode.com and i learned that if i adds the stops then Prorealtime changes it for all the positions same stop loss and same take profit but if your broker is IG which i believe is otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. IG handles all orders separately with stop loss an take profit which you set when you opened the position It would be nice to change this once position is in profit to trail the market and change it for the average position like a grid stop instead of individual which will be coding nightmare but useful in some scenarios Still waiting for PRORealtime 10.3 for drawing additions which will help me draw indicators o chart rather as a separate zone within charts
  12. PRT can support it but you have to do programming OCO orders, Time based entry exit would be lovely but ive yet to find it in PRT ive opened a suggestion here https://community.ig.com/t5/Suggestions/Time-base-order-entry-exit/m-p/10117#U10117 free to add onto it n the suggestions but i think IG is tied to PRT and their legacy software which is slow. cope till that time
  13. love to get my hands on the latest version solves so many issue with data feed and new order interface not to mention drawing instead of managing it configuring manually on each timeframe.
  14. PRT does not support order entry via keyboard like preconfigured hot buttons which can be configured to buy/sell scale in /scale out, double, reverse position, cancel all orders, liquidate. Asking so much but it's present in lots of platforms trading Futures via CME for Spread betting IG will be the first one and can attract Future Traders to use IG platform
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