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  1. Has anyone tried starting auto system this week? (6/10/19 till now) It keep start and immediately stop my system. with this error code. (strategy request timezone error) this is what i noticed. 1) the trading time zone of the autotrade is at UTC+8 2) But PRT trading platform is at UTC+1 is this the problem? *Note those 2 running systems are started before last week ig system reset. which at that time the trading hours of Auto system is UTC+1 Could this change after the reset have caused this issue? Anyone knows how to resolve or having the same issue?
  2. Even if set also not sure if it works if the system is shut down.....this is what worries me , esp when news coming out soon .....
  3. Update : systems in autotrade is still up and running after looking in the trading platform. Emails notification not receive which is why i thought it did not start.
  4. Our autotrading has been disconnected. as my systems did not start as ususal .
  5. I also sent email to PRT on its website. since ytd (11/08/19) afternoon , till now no reply. (I understand that it is a sunday thou) Now having live chat with IG helpdesk.
  6. Still down and market opening soon.......😤
  7. Yeah this is really bad for me , cuz i analysis and tweak my system for the coming week. and now i cant do so and it will be using my last week system. By the way I have called IG, their response is that their IT does not work on SUN , and if it still doesn't work tomorrow then I should call in again. I hope they upgrade to PRT V11 asap. cuz as IG users we are still using V10.3 I do understand that system maintenance have to be done during weekend. I wonder if IG or PRT could inform us if they do maintenance during weekend and timing. or maybe just post as a notice on their website so that users like us will be in the know of system upgrade/maintenance and wun be kept in suspense