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  1. Hi Everyone I am a newbie and still learning evryday. Do any experienced traders recommend using trading robots software? I've been bombarded with "offers" for these. On the face of ot and looking at reviews they look good, although expensive. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks Clarkey
  2. Hi Traders Can anyone tell me if I can load my demo account onto MT4 please? or will MT4 only accept real accounts? Thanks in advance Clarkey
  3. Hi Traders I currently have a demo account and am moving to a live account soon. Does anyone know if you can trader smaller than 1 contract on the live accounts as i cant do this on the demo account. Thanks in advance Clarkey
  4. I cant do that as one is on the IG platform on my mac, the other is MT4 on my iphone. The times are exactly the same. i have good internet and am using 4g on my phone. Still cant work it out
  5. Hi Everyone Can anyone shed some light on why when I look at MT4 with the same FX pair with the same timeframe and exactly the same settings that one can be showing a downward trend and the other an upward trend at EXACTLY the same moment. Does one of the systems have a lag? I cant work it out. Thanks in advance Clarkey
  6. Thanks James I only want my live account to be in GBP. Quite happy in USD on the demo account. Thanks Clarkey
  7. I want my live account to be in GBP. Is there an account denomination option when funding it? I will send the funding to my live account in GBP so I want the account to be in GBP. Thanks in advance Clarkey
  8. Hi I have recently set up a live account in prperation. I am still using demo at the moment. Is there a time limit on when to fund the live account? Thank in advance Clarkey
  9. Thanks James Pehaps this feature could be added? Its available on other platforms. Regards Paul
  10. Hi Everyone Im a newbie still in demo mode and learning. Can anyone tell me why I cant put a trailing stop on an order please? I only get "none" or "Guaranteed". Thanks in advance Clarkey
  11. I've sorted it......I was looking at GMT +1 (as I am in Spain), NOT using the Aus local time....works now. Phew!!
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