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  1. Many thanks for that. Lets see what tomorrow brings as it will surely determine the short term movements. Also remember Italy is in the spotlight tomorrow which in my view should not be ignored by anyone as the 3rd largest economy in Europe...……….
  2. After a real breakdown and a small bounce on Friday, I am looking to short the S&P if it fails at 2800. Any views?
  3. Many thanks Mark. It also seems the US is now slowing, as is the world as a whole, and there is no way the US will be isolated from slowing global growth. I made a tidy sum shorting back in January/February, so I have done the same again recently. In any case no pullback are just not healthy! Kindest Nick
  4. Hi. I am sure many agree with me that this market is way overvalued. Also it's now considered the market of last resort due to the mess most of the rest of the world is in. My open question is will the Fed burst the bubble, otherwise the crash when it does come will be that much worse? An then there is the Donald....d Yours A former stockbroker in the UK of some 30 years experience.