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  1. One Stock I have been following over the years is Savannah Resources. Primary asset now remains its Lithium licenses and mines which it is developing in Portugal. There was an article in the Sunday Telegraph about the stock a few months ago which drove it stock price up to 16p, which was a bit too much hype. It has now come back to 8p, only slightly above where it was before the sunday telegraph article was coming out and I still think represents a good risk reward for those looking into the electric car vehicle theme.
  2. div adjustments will get pre factored into the futures price of the ETF but not into FTSE 100 fut as they dont pay any dividends
  3. I just hedge with FTSE futures. Which i realise is not a perfect hedge but in a downturn one would expect the more defensive dividend paying stocks to be protected more so than those not paying any dividends. If i have £50k of div paing ETF I just hedge with an equal £50k exposure in the futures. Time will tell if it works out well
  4. Certainly makes sense to have a short on somewhere. I’ve got quite a bit in dividend stocks giving 5% odd in IUKD index and just making sure I’m fully hedged for any downturn into the end of the year.
  5. I am in agreement with you. Especially given this recovery is now the longest on record it’s dififcult to buy into the US market. All of Trumps policies are however meant to aid the US at the expense of others and hence why we see the US doing so well compared to others. All the warning signs are there however that we are coming to the top. 2s10s in USTs close to inverting, much of the rise in the S&P is due to the leading tech stocks, some of which have come under pressure. I’m staying very cautious for the latter part of the year and keeping most of my money in front end treasuries ( through interactive brokers). 2-2.5% is pretty decent.
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