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  1. Hi Casey, your right, I have been using MT platform for ALL the brokerages I tried... hmmm... so far, there really is no prefect one at all.. i am sure the brokerages know...whatever reasons they do what they do. yes.. i have been keeping log in excel etc. thing is, if i execute 4hr time frame and com eback next day.. the mystery is still. how much pips i gained yesterday in EURUSD how much % lot/size/profit EURJPY did BUT... all i can see is collective result in account...IF I trade 8 or 9 in spread betting...how am i supposed to analyse individual currency pairs
  2. here is why:  as some traders are intra or swinger, we do not mug down for hours in front of terminal. we just plan. execute accordingly and come back hours or next day. Thing is, I want to SPECIFICALLY check the loss/gain / range / % etc of that pair. And I come across lots of screens which will require time quantum to digest. I just want to glance (Eagle View) few seconds. "ok, that's working..need to adjust this etc" pronto that's it. what we have is: we need to scour around for the information (i still cannot) and eventually, I had to look at the overall account to
  3. 1- We have the Plan 2- Execute the trades 3- The log to monitor and analyse methodology Problem: With span of multiple pairs to keep track and prefering glance of few seconds; need report in basic English of: pair/ lots/ long or short/ risk % / execute open and close / pip or $ loss/gain/ remarks to highlight pointer of particular trade. All i see are frustrating jargons. (not that they are) want to see eagle eye 5 seconds "how's things performed", but after I execute test trades of eg. 7 pairs. in 4 hours time frames. i come back to review results.... I basically do
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