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  1. Hi Anton 1. It seems ProRealTime added functionality to Pivot Point generation in the past but neither IG or ProRealTime announced it or made it obvious for an oldie like me. Nuff said. Anyhow........... the functionality added permits the times the HLC values are captured to be user defined. Here's a screenshot in case you're not familiar.. http://my.jetscreenshot.com/16785/20171227-gnzf-56kb 2. Your previous comments about changing ProRealTime charts to particular timezone settings doesn't sound right for anybody trading or monitoring positions Indices, stocks, commodities and fo
  2. Hi James A) Daily Pivot Points - For the DFB markets of FTSE, DAX and Wall Street (DJI):as available in the chargeable professional charting package ProRealTime: A1. What days of the week do you collect values to calculate daily pivot points? A2. What exact time of each trading day timestamp do you use when collecting the High, Low, Close values/data necessary to calculate the daily pivot points?. A3.. Please can you state whether the timestamp used in the calculations is local time for the applicable market or some other universal timestamp. B) Daily Pivot Points - For the DFB
  3. Hi James This is slide 20 from IG annual results presentation. http://my.jetscreenshot.com/16785/20171220-hurc-116kb IG is not practising what it is preaching to the city and its investors.
  4. Who at IG is responsible for Pivot Point generation on ProRealTime charts please? I'd like to ask some questions relating to the misleading pivot points generated in ProRealTime on the All Sessions markets. Thank you Hallgente
  5. Hi James 1. Thanks for the prompt reply which is disappointing to say the least. 2. IG, within its field is a very successful platform operator. From your cleint base last year, you generated £491,100,000 GBP in revenues with a profit before tax of £213,700,000 GBP. This is very high profit in the normal course of events compared to the majority of UK businesses. IG has 185,000 active clients, those who traded at least once during the year. The 185,000 represents the tip of the iceberg of all the clients that have tried the platform and fallen by the wayside until such time as they
  6. Dear IG Recently, prior to log-in, you are inviting me to register as a professional trader. Presumably this is in view of the actions of the ESMA and their plans to limit binary options and CFD's (Spread Betting next?) and the leverage ratios applied to those products. As a retail spread betting client and with regard to your deep legal, financial and tax professional services pool, can you please advise if there would be any change in my personal tax status if I nominate myself to be a 'professional'. Best wishes Hallgente
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