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  1. @shardymo Not sure if you got this resolved in the end but just wanted to mention - I had a similar question/problem just now. ISA share dealing accounts don't have an "order" button in the ticket and I was trying to submit an out-of-hours limit order on the "deal" tab which kept failing with a "the exchange is currently unavailable" message. Turns out it was because I was using a GBP value amount; the issue resolves when I use a number of shares instead - and the order goes through and shows in working orders.
  2. SLVP.P was showing an ~8% bid offer spread today which is mind-boggling, given that SIL.P at the same time had a spread of 0.8%. I only noticed as well as the inflated spread caused my position to show an unexpected loss. I asked IG help on chat if there was a mistake and they said no. Only thing to do I guess is to follow the complaints procedure: https://www.ig.com/uk/complaints
  3. Hi Charlotte & co, will Palantir be set up to trade on IG from its IPO date on wednesday 30 Sep then?
  4. Same thing here - today SLVP.P ishares MSCI silver miners ETF was showing a $0.40 spread on a ~16.60 mid price. - that's almost 2.5%!! Which is a bit ridiculous. Global X silver miners ETF was showing ~0.4% spread which looks more reasonable? Can someone from IG look into this?
  5. Hi, I was just wondering whether there is a way to book a short spread bet or CFD position (on a single US stock) which is fully funded (i.e. using 100% margin) so that I wouldn't have to pay overnight funding costs? I just remember it being an option on other platforms I've used in the past e.g. CMC markets. Thanks.
  6. Hi, are there commission or overnight funding charges for spread bets on options?
  7. Hi all, this is a quick one relating to share trading using CFDs If I have 2 positions on the same stock (initiated at different entry points) and later close out the aggregate position using the "close all" button, how is commission charged? Is it charged once for the aggregate position, or twice (once for each position)? For example if I have 2 positions on a US stock, commission is 2 cents a share or minimum $15, whichever is the greater. If the aggregate position is less than 75 shares, and I use the "close all" button to close it, will 1 x $15 commission be charged? Or will 2 x $15 be charged? Thanks in advance for any info!