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  1. Hi My understanding is that with a share trading account you can store multiple currencies in your account, your base currency and other non-base currencies if you specifically choose this function in the settings in your account. This function is outlined below. Your current setting: ManualWe may make manual conversions on occasion, as outlined in our Customer Agreement. We will make these conversions at a rate not worse than 0.3% from the current bid/offer price. My question is, in the above information, what does it mean, "we may make manual conversions on occasion" ? Does it mean if you say, have 1000 dollars US(non-base currency), this 1000 dollars will be converted on "occasion" to Australian dollars (base currency)? If yes, this means you will be charged a 0.3% conversion fee every time it happens and essentially your account will be progressively reducing in value. Thanks.
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