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  1. No, unfortunately not. I tried that before posting my question. I've even scrolled back on the day charts to say 2 years ago and then clicked on 1 hour charts and it jumps you forward to the live price screen
  2. Thanks for you reply. I don't want to fit that on one screen, in a similar way that you can scroll back many years on the day charts i would like to be able to do that too on the 1 hour charts....
  3. "We will not be implementing 24 hour or weekend close out rules for ESMA retail clients. This change will be made on July 30 from 1pm and will be apply on an account level (both existing and new positions)" Please could you explain this as it contradicts itself. In the first sentence it says you will not be implementing 24 hour or weekend close out rules, but then in the next it says this will change on 30th July Also what are the 24 hour or weekend close out rules?
  4. Hello everyone I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how i can view 1 hour charts for time periods older than 12 months. I can bring up 1 day charts from all the way back to 2010 on the platform but not 1 hour charts. Thanks
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