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  1. only if you applied a stop loss preferably a guaranteed stop loss
  2. Hi, when I log into L2 trader i automatically get logged out of the I.G trading platform. Is it possible to be logged to to both at the same time ?
  3. 1) I have just subscribed for Level 2 Nasdaq and noticed that when launching L2 trader I simultaneously get logged out of the basic I.G platform . Is the anyway to stay logged into both? 2) I have noticed that I cannot deal in Nasdaq stocks on I.G basic platform even though I have live prices, would I be correct in assuming this is because i opted for Level 2 Nasdaq feed? 3) If I was to switch back and forth from Level 1 Nasdaq to Level 2 Nasdaq will I be charged every time?
  4. Hi re Tilray Inc (TLRY) on Nasdaq, can you tell me if the above is borrowable through IG? thanks
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