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  1. Ive been with IG for many years and whilst sceptical, and wary of the many bad vibes and rumours that come IG,s way I have up till now fended them off. However, I have to say that a recent couple of trades stopped out by large spikes have questioned my loyalty. GBPUSD was stopped out 19/11, 22.43 at 12938 ? 8 pips above charted price ?? USDCAD was stopped out on 18/11 22.05 at 13227, the highest price by any other broker platform was 13216 ?? 10 pips above !! I have emailed IG, but not heard a thing. I think I am beginning to share most peoples views over this broker
  2. James, Thankyou all done
  3. Hi guys, Does any one know where I find DAILY FX PLUS to log into ? apparently i can do with I G Account ? there calendar is GOOD
  4. Practising a trade strategy on my DEMO account when a short position in the Germany 30 was stopped out with a 10,000 point spike !!! Can some one from IG let me know that my position wojuld be re set should this happen. Clearly not a trading spike.