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  1. Having nothing better to do I thought I'd have another look at the new platform - after all it can't really be as bad as it seemed when I tried it a while back, can it? Oh boy, where do IG get their programmers from - kindergarten? I opened it up on my laptop - Dell i5 vostro Windows 10 - and the bottom of the new platform's screen is hidden behind the taskbar with no scroll bar to access it! Ye gods, does someone actually get paid to code this badly? I thought IG was a professional organisation so why do they employ incompetent amateurs? The old platform continues to work fine and looks much better to boot. Geoff
  2. Oh no I blooming well don't or I wouldn't be trying to open it, would I? Whose stupid idea was it to include this inaccurate trap into the dashboard? Probably the same inept programmer responsible for all the problems with the new platform who is so conceited that they don't believe their code needs testing. Geoff
  3. Does anyone at IG actually try out the new platform? I've just tried it again after rejecting it as rubbish a few weeks ago thinking that it must be okay by now - I'm obviously too much of an optimist. I use Chrome on Windows 10 and the font used on the new platform doesn't display clearly, the classic platform is fine. For this reason alone I find the new unusable - I don't want eye strain thank you very much. Like many others have said here, if I have to use the new platform to use IG then I will have to find an alternative to IG and take my money with me. As someone who was in IT I recognise this scenario as all too common - IT departments thinking that they know what the customer wants better than the customer and management being unaware of the situation. Perhaps we could have someone from PR reply to these critical posts? Geoff
  4. I only use IG spread betting on a desktop or laptop. Tried the new platform. Dreadful for my usage - horrible to look at and hard to read with no apparent redeeming feature. Geoff