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  1. Thank you. So when people trade a index are they trading based on the macro news and the news of the highest weighted companies in the index?
  2. Hi, appreciate the fact that you responded to my post. I don't really understand your response. Could you please explain how this works? It's the stock price that moves the index so what is ETF and what does ETF do to the stock prices?
  3. I have a interesting question. If the DAX is a index of 30 companies and the DAX chart plots the prices for these 30 companies then why do we get interesting patterns on the DAX like double bottoms, double tops, trendline breakouts etc. I would have thought the DAX charts would not respect technical analysis as prices would just make swings all over the place and not respect technical setups. Many times I have seen price bounce off 00 levels. Do people trade the DAX which then affects the stock price or do people trade stocks which then moves the index? If the 30 companies in the DAX move the index then can someone please explain why on the chart of a DAX or any index, when we get a double top or a double bottom, why does the price go in the opposite direction. What is actually happening to the prices of the stocks that move the index when we get these setups?
  4. thank you for your help I still prefer the old platform and sadly I don't have the option of switching to old platform as the indicators which I use look all messy and clogged up on new platform IG have definitely created this new platform to make trading more difficult
  5. Can someone please read my question before responding. I do not have the link for old platform on my new account! On the new platform, how do I get a chart up on full screen
  6. Help required I have had to create a new IG account due to my IG account being suspended due to inactivity without any notices. I have noticed, that on a desktop pc, I can not use the old trading platform anymore and I find this new platform irritating. I have been trying to make the charts full screen but I cant and I need help. By the way, on a serious note, I would prefer someone from the IG management to answer this. Why would you upgrade your trading platform and clutter so much junk into it which is not needed? It seems as though this is a deliberate attempt to make people lose trades as you don't give us the opportunity to choose how we would like our trading platforms yet you bombard us with tons of email asking us to fill in forms with cash prizes when there is going to be a regulatory change which IG wants to object to!
  7. What are the benefits of upgrading to a DMA Account? Do i get more tighter spreads or are they the same as a standard account