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  1. To add, ProRealTime.com have it's own Web Based Application for their users but NOT for IG users. https://www.prorealtime.com/en/market-data-smartphone-app br, CKW
  2. Hi, Currently, there is no way to stop any running automated trading system via mobile IPhone/etc. Correct me if I am wrong? I suggest to integrate this "must have" feature in IG App that allow user to manage the strategy list on Pro Order trading system, not code modification but at least via mobile user can stop, start, extend, and monitor the strategy. Imagine your coding has some issues when you're not in front of your computer, or holiday/oversea. What you can do?
  3. Hi, Can PRT combine below 2 commands into one single command ? - BUY / SELLSHORT X CONTRACT AT MARKET - SET STOP %LOSS Y 2 separate commands means 2 transactions: #1) Position Opened w/o SL (5% Margin, eg DAX) #2) Modify SL (Margin reduced) #1 is too costly as it requires full 5% margin. If PRT combine into one command, then problem will be solved. br, Ckw
  4. Completely agreed your suggestions. Currently, it's difficult to manage coding version especially on different account
  5. Dear, Anyone know why IG Apps (IOS8) doesn't work on Iphone6 notification Center? The data doesn't fresh on my IPhone
  6. Dears, I am new to this Community. Information here very useful . I am focusing on Wall Street Cash. My short sell position stopped out because of long bullish bar! When i am looking back the weekly chart, just realized last week candle formed a Doji. (Weekly) Could it be this Doji candle bring some bull run on early week? Sorry for my ignorance, please correct me if my view is wrong