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  1. Hi We are looking at the implementation of indicator alerts onto the new platform right now, as part of the process we'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the following: - How do you use Indicator alerts? - What do you like or dislike about the classic platform implementation? Anything that can be improved or which should stay the same?
  2. Hi , Thanks for the response, could you let me know which missing fields do you need and how do you use that information? Our designers are working on this!
  3. Hi  Thanks for bringing that issue to our attention. It's something we've just been made aware is occurring and are working on right now to fix. I'm happy to hear your other positive feedback! Regards, Raoul
  4. Thanks  All very good suggestions, I hope you can continue to use the platform and keep giving your feedback. You may have noticed some new features which have been implemented over the past few days such as news. Raoul
  5. Thanks . Those are all good suggestions, I'll pass them onto the charts team. On the last point, there should be the functionality to do that, "show drawing toolbar". Let me know if this is what you're after. Kind regards, Raoul
  6. Thanks for the response . It is not currently possible but I can see it would be useful. How do you find the charts in comparison to Pro Real Time?
  7. Thanks  I've shared this feedback with the charts team and its something that we will look at as part of on-going development of the charts in the new trading platform. Kind regards, Raoul
  8. Hello all, As we roll out the latest iteration of the new web trading platform we wish to know about your experiences and suggestions for future development. To help this process we’d like you to consider the following in your feedback. What are your initial impressions of the platform? We want to know the good and not so good. How intuitive have you found it? In particular consider placing a trade, using charts or finding a new market What three things would you suggest are the most important to focus on to further develop the platform? Feel free to respond by posting below. We'll be on hand to answer any other questions you may have.
  9. Thanks , Point 1. I think that is possible but perhaps not immediately obvious? If you add the horizontal line, then click on the figure on the left you should be able to type the number in there. Let me know if that works for you. Good point on the parallel tramline tool. We are considering what additional drawing tools are required so useful to know. On the whole, how have you found using the new platform so far? Has it been intuitive to get to grips with?
  10. Thanks for the feedback  I've moved this into the new forum that we have setup specifically for this. Feel free to continue to give your thoughts here. - We are working on the ability to change column size, but that is a few months away. - Options aren't in the platform yet, but will be in due course. - You should be able to change the time period on the charts in the top left. There's also an FAQ available, this should help with additional questions.