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  1. All this will be solved this month when CME offer XBT (Bitcoin Futures). This is separate open interest and will be very liquid. I imagine most wallet-based brokers will move over to this. Doesn't help for ETH though
  2. You can of course just place a limit order and wait for the market to move.
  3. If it's optional, you'll get an email from IG asking if you want to participate
  4. Yes, how about a daily report that runs through the instrument database and lists instruments where - new added - deleted - leverage has changed - change from borrowable to not - primary spread has changed - alias changed (DAX finds Germany 30, but NDX doesn't find Tech 100)
  5. Can't tell what you are saying, there are so many lines on the chart. Can you repost with just 1-2 lines which demonstrate the problem.
  6. A useful feature would be to be able to split a position. You can already split a close at market, by simply selling/buying a smaller number of units. However, you can't plan to set stops and limits this way. For example I am £10/pt long on Germany 30 on a single contract. I want to take off half if it reaches a certain point, but it's not there yet, and I am leaving my screen. I suppose I could set a limit or stop order in the other direction (not forced open), but I might have other positions in Germany 30, and I can't control which one it would close. It would be much easier if I could just split it into 2 x £5/pt positions, and then apply whatever stops and limits I wanted to each position independently. You could probably leave the position entry date unchanged. Must be fairly easy to do. You only need to offer a split into two (enter size for one). A corollary is to combine positions. The reason for this is neatness. If you scale in a load of £1/pt positions, and stay in because they are going well, it would be much neater on screen if you could combine them into one position. You could always split them again later (see above).
  7. Just add 'force open' and we're there. See other post on this.
  8. This is very interesting. It raises two points that IG should consider: 1. They already allow you to use up to 90% of your full brokerage portfolio value as deposit for CFD or SB trading. It therefore follows that they should also allow stock brokerage only leverage. The model is established with the deposit levels set in the CFD section. Most US brokerages offer 2:1 or even 4:1 leverage on normal stocks trading, as CFD/SB doesn't exist there. 2. All 'daily funded bets' in SB/CFD are funded in sterling, and the sterling rate of interest is charged. It should also be possible to loan in USD, although I appreciate the base rate is only 0.25% apart (and maybe nothing after this week). I have to say that I find IB's rate for a 12 month USD loan of 0.89% pretty amazing, as 12 month USD LIBOR is 0.855%
  9. The new 'trade from chart' feature in iOS does not appear to allow you to 'force open', and so is not very usable! Am I missing something.
  10. The charts always default to 20 / 50 / 100 periods simple moving average. The 100-period average is hardly ever used in technicals, the 200-period average is much more mainstream. Why not change the third default from 100 to 200.
  11. I think when you 'copy' a drawing item which has been changed to another colour from black, the new copy should also be in that colour.
  12. One of the problems with most platforms is that there is only a single open position list. It is quite normal for a trader to be running positions over vastly different target periods, and of course to run short-term hedges against long-term positions, rather than close those positions and re-open them. This is especially true with - instruments with wide spreads, such as exotic currencies, Bitcoin, soft commodities, small cap shares etc. - small share positions in CFD, where flat fees are payable. - trading where multiple strategies are in play To do this, it necessary to use the 'force open' feature. Unfortunately this defaults to 'off', and it is easy to accidentally close a long-running position, when meaning to enter a hedge, or a quick scalp in the other direction. This is also at odds with the MT4 method, a platform which IG also uses, which never averages trades (ie is always in 'force open' mode). So my first suggestion is that this feature should be set as default on or default off in user preferences, along with 1-click ordering and so on. My related suggestion relates to these long term holdings. It is difficult to see short-term trades if you have a large open position list with long term trades there as well. The only practical method is see what you are doing is to enable the 'time/date of trade' column, but of course this doesn't work in aggregate mode, etc. Also sometimes there are fire-and-forget trades where a stop and limit has been entered, and you don't want to alter it, or even see it. A better system would be multiple portfolios of open positions, like you have multiple watchlists, for exactly the same reasons. These can be given names, and layouts would remember which one or ones are open. This has no other consequences for the software design. Positions could exist in more than one portfolio, like instruments can in watchlists. A further enhancement in charting might be show all open positions or just those from one portfolio. Another would be reporting to show performance by portfolio. This does of course cause some design issues.
  13. The Horizontal line is always instrument level, and it neatly shows the level just above the line. Well, similarly, the Vertical line is always time, so it should show (neatly to the left of the line, or across the line, say at the top) the time it represents, in MM:SS (maybe DD/MM on the M1). As with my previous suggestion on horizontal lines, it would be ideal to be able to edit the value in-chart, to get it precisely where you want it.
  14. It would be very useful if you could append a short text note to each trade when placed (a single text line in the 'enter trade' box would be fine) which then stayed with the trade throughout it's life, where you could enter your reason for the trade etc. You could then add a little 'i' icon to mouse-over on (shown) open positions and as a column on open positions. If the 'i' is clicked, the text is displayed (and editable I guess). Ideally, the text will copy to the permanent record which shows on 'transaction history etc, so that you can review your reasoning on historical trades. Further enhancements are possible, for example a subject line for the text with 'reasons' (Short term TA, Long term TA, Fundamental, Signal Tip, Broker Rating .... and custom labels) and so on. The transaction report could then just contain the subject.