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  1. My advice is unless you already have a position open, think twice about opening a new one I don't personally see any current opportunities, just previous ones playing out.
  2. Volume picked up around 12h ago but now starting to disappear...
  3. 24/02/2019 - ProOrder still down and no word...
  4. Do we know when it will be up? Software launches but won't establish connection.
  5. Timezone integration with IG does not work. For example, if you set out not to execute before 10am on a Monday, it will still execute at 9am on a Monday.
  6. Have the same issue. Most of the analysis happens on the weekend for me.
  7. Not sure whether I have missed any announcements, but PRT doesn't seem to load completely. Systems running don't load. Any updates when this will be resolved?
  8. Wondering whether the fix is going to be implemented any time soon?
  9. Prorealtime thinks Monday is dayofweek = 5.
  10. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the time zone of PRT? Previously, if I didn't want trades to be placed on Monday before 10am, it worked. These days, the time zone seems misaligned.
  11. Yeah, through a lot of pain, I've learnt to always either close PRT with "yes" for saving or save the template manually before stepping away from the computer for extended period of time.
  12. Thank you for pointing out Tradeciety. Interesting read and very informative. For me, Twitter is a good source of news and trends.
  13. I'll take a stab that above meant to show prices on the Apple watch dial...