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  1. Hi   Welcome to the IG community! I am quite interested to see the demand for the logarithmic charting. As a result I have passed on your feedback to Manager who is responsible for the IG charting offering and I hope that we may see this as an option in the future. I hope that helps!
  2. Hi  My apologies for the belated response. We are currently in the process of reviewing our trading platform at the moment and many elements are being scrutinised. I will be glad to pass on your idea to the team about having more contract information about the instrument available in the watchlist/finder section. As always I hope that helps and please do keep them coming!
  3. Hi all Welcome to September's Non-farm Payrolls thread, where we invite you to guess the release figures for NFP. If you guess closest, you can land yourself the coveted NFP Champion badge for the month! August saw 151,000 jobs added, compared with a revised 275,000 in July. So post your guesses below and good luck! Tim
  4. Hi  Thanks for sharing the screenshots. Given the market is closed there will be technically be no price at all given the market is not trading and so the spread value of 50 is simply a value that we have set just for illustrative purposes so charts can be viewed on the weekend. I hope that helps and if there is antyhing else you would like me to clarify then please let me know and I will be glad to help.
  5. Hi  Welcome to the IG community! We would be glad to help you move across to the ProRealTime platform and have the settings and indicators exactly how you want them. Given the customisable nature of the platform it would be best recommended that you contact a member of our technical support team directly, either by phone or email, and we can help you implement what you are looking to achieve on the ProRealTime platform. Our team is available 24 hours per day and can even be contacted on the weekend. Below are our contact details. https://www.ig.com/uk/contact-us We look fo
  6. Hi  Welcome to the IG community! The error you are referring to is the strategy is trying to close a trade when the market is closed and so a 'Requote' related error should be seen. The strategy I assume is triggering to do this because of the spreads being put to a wider level and so it is seeing this as a trading opportunity. With that in mind a solution if this was during trading days would be to use the RefreshRates function, however this would have no impact given the market is closed. I have looked into a number of other sources that suggest this may be related to the code
  7. Hi  Welcome to the community! We will be glad to help you get up and running with MT4. No need to pay anything as we have dedicated technical support teams, including MT4 specialists, across the globe and so we can be of assistance 24 hours per day. Do feel free to call at your convenience and we will be glad to help and go through the platform and if you are lucky you may even get through to me! You can find our contact details for the IG website. Hopefully speak soon!
  8. Hi  I am really sorry to hear that. I would be glad to do everything I can to be of assistance. With that in mind please feel free to contact me directly or alternatively please can you outline the symptoms of the issue so I can look into this further for you. You may be interested in the link below that will highlight some changes that affect flash player on your Mac that is used to load the IG charts. https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-mac.html Otherwise please do try installing the Google Chrome browser as this has a built in Flash pl
  9. Hi  Welcome to the IG community! The point you have made I can really see the value in. We do offer the signal centre on the platform that has the icon highlighted when there is a new signal and so having fresh news highlighted I could see as a possibility and for that I would love to the share your idea with the team. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and if you have any other thoughts then do please share them!
  10. Hi  I can agree with the point you are making and so I will be sure to share this with the guys at ProRealTime. There could be a small icon that if selected for instance could show the performance of the strategy when previously used with a date field. This could help for if you are trying to determine what market conditions make the strategy most profitable for instance if the time period was during an uptrend, etc. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and do keep them coming!
  11. Hi , ProRealTime also have a community where like minded traders ranging from new starters to advanced automated traders can share ideas on strategies and indicators. Below is a link that will show you more. http://www.prorealcode.com/ I hope you are able to find some support but if not do let me know and I will be glad to do what I can to help. Thanks Tim
  12. Hi all, We’re no longer going to be releasing software updates to the IG Trading app on Apple devices running iOS 7. This is because there are newer versions available that provide a more efficient trading experience. To get a newer version of iOS and ensure that your app can still receive updates, simply go to ‘settings’ > ‘general’ > ‘software update’ on your Apple device. If you’re using an iPhone 4 or older, you won’t be able to upgrade from iOS 7. However there’s no need to worry, as you can still use the IG Trading app. Just bear in mind that it won’t receive any furthe
  13. Hi  Thanks for sharing the idea! This is something I have had other clients mention in the past, which was shared with the charts team. We are currently engaged in a project to improve our charts, which I am unable to go into specifics about, but I can say rest assured this feature will be quiried as to whether this will be made available in the future. I hope that helps and like you I do hope to see this in the future as that pricing method can be useful for trend mapping and complement many styles of trading. Thanks again!
  14. Hi  I can see the point you make with regards to the export facility on the ProRealTime platform. Naturally, as you are using more than one environement it can get messy if you have multiple strategies with different versions and so I will be sure to pass on the idea you have about being able to better idetify or lable the strategies. I do hope that helps and as always please do keep those ideas coming as they are gratefully received. Thanks!
  15. Hi  Currently we do not offer access to ProRealTime platform through our mobile app but I understand where you’re coming from. In the future we may be able to offer their app but I would not be able to say if/when. It could be a very helpful tool if you have multiple strategies running or those that operate in specific market conditions. This is something that I will definitely pass along as feedback to the team at ProRealTime. Thank you for sharing your idea, we always appreciate clients taking bigger part in improving our offering. Thanks!
  16. Hi  Welcome to the community! I would be glad to help with the issue you are having. I have not had any other feedback about that scaling issue you are having and so with that in mind I just want to quickly verify if it is product related. Would you mind loading some other products, such as index and with that we can identify if the issue is product specific. Also does the issue occur on the 1 minute timeframe? I look forward to hearing from you and please do let me know if there is anything else I can do.
  17. Hi  The oblique orders are refered also as Pending soft orders in the platform and are stored on the wokstation only. With that in mind closing the platform will remove these orders. I would very much agree with you about being able to have these active for longer periods and so the only way I could think that would be done would be if the trades would be saved on ProRealTimes order server, for which I will contact them to find out if this is something that is firstly possible and secondly if they have any plans in the future for it. I hope that helps!
  18. Hi , Sorry to hear about the issue you are having with regards to pinning your watchlist on the platform. I would be glad to have this investigated further for you. So that I can quantify this for the ProRealTime team do you know when this feature you noticed was missing and with that they can identify what could have contributed to the problem you are having such as if they released an update. I look forward to hearing from you.
  19. Hi  I can see where you are coming from in the respect to not being able to quickly see the spread on an instrument as that can be a very important consideration when planning on placing a trade, especially if there is volatility. I would be glad to share your feedback to ProRealTime so that they could perhaps consider an indicator that you could attach to a chart showing the spread for that instrument. I hope that helps and as always do let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks
  20. Hi  At this point in time I have not heard of any developments with regards to having a harmonic tool although rest assured they have received feedback regarding this and so closer to the time that we are able to offer v10.3 we will be able to let you know what tools will be available. I hope that helps!
  21. Hi  Welcome to the community! Thanks for your feedback, we are always grateful for any and all feedback. I will be sure to pass on the point you have raised to the charts team as I am sure there may be others that would benefit from that. You may be pleased to know we offer an advanced platform called ProRealTime that is very much designed for those that are looking for an advanced and fully customisable platform. More information can be found about it from the link below and one of the features of it is having a large array of price and candlestick tools and settings and one is to c
  22. Hi  The ProRealTime platform does not allow you to trade on the platform if you have a POA (Power of attorney) as when you are logged in it is difficult to tell which account you are in and also there is no facility to switch accounts. Should you switch accounts on the IG platform then the PRT platform will still be logged into the original account and it is for this reason to avoid confusion and more importantly trades being opened, closed or amended on the wrong account the ability to trade has been disabled. Naturally the ability to trade on the PRT platform with a POA we can see
  23. Hi  Welcome to the community. Sorry to hear about the issue you are having. The issue you mention is not something I have come across before but with that said I would like to do everything I can to help resolve the issue you are having. With that in mind please can you contact us on the number below and either myself or another member of the technical support team will be more than happy to help. +44 207 633 5510 I look forward to hearing from you!
  24. Hi  Welcome to the IG community! I changed the format of your message as the question you had was in the title. With regards to the signals they will be in Eastern Australian time. With that said I think a useful feature would be to perhaps have a method of changing the time in the signal centre so that you can set the time to your preference. I hope that helps!
  25. Hi , This issue should now have been resolved. Please let us know if you are continuing to encounter any issues. Cheers, Tim.
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