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  1. Hi , I'm afraid we're currently experiencing issues with the daily candle updating on a number of our indices charts. It's being looked into now, and I'll update you when we know more. Glad to hear you're able to use an alternative contract for the time being. Tim
  2. Hi , Glad to hear it is now working, do let us know if you have any other questions regarding the ProRealTime charts! Tim
  3. Hi , IT-Finance have added your requests to the development list for Version 10.4, as the road map for 10.3 has been finalised. They've also asked me to send their thanks for excellent improvement ideas you continue to contribute. Tim
  4. Hi , Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on ProRealTime and the web platform. Unfortunately allowing alerts set on ProRealTime to notify you via mobile push is not currently on the development road map, however I'll pass your comments on. We are looking into the potential to sync much closer with ProRealTime, which will enable us to provide some of the features you raise in your second point, however these discussions are in their early stages. Please also note that any watchlists you create on the web based platform will be available in ProRealTime, however this doesn
  5. Hi  & , Thanks to you both for your input, I've passed the feedback to the ProRealTime team for their consideration. Cheers for taking the time to provide suggestions, and please keep them coming! Tim
  6. Hi , I've looked into this, and can see that it has been escalated for further investigation with ProRealTime. We haven't had a response from them yet, so I have chased them up on this. Hopefully we'll have some feedback for you shortly. Thanks, Tim
  7. Hi , Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated! I'll pass this feedback on to our charts team for their consideration, as I can see how this may be a useful tool. I know the road map for chart development is quite full, but always worth bringing new ideas to the teams attention! Cheers, Tim
  8. HI , Welcome to the IG Community! Sorry to hear that you have been experiencing issues switching on ProOrder on your demo account. Is this a problem you are still experiencing, or did you hear back from our helpdesk? Tim
  9. Hey , Would you be able to provide a little more clarity on this post. I'd be glad to pass this on to our development team, but would like to get a better understanding of exactly what you were looking for. Many thanks, Tim
  10. Hi , We do think it’s a good idea to have Force Open on the mobile chart dealing options, and it does link into other aspects we also want to include, e.g. guaranteed stops. However, rather than adding features bit by bit to the deal ticket on mobile, the plan is to incorporate a wider suite of features. We'll pass the feedback on, to see whether it’s possible that force open is included on the development road map for mobile chart dealing. Thanks, Tim
  11. Hi , We've been trialing a system for market movement alerts, as you mention below. It's great to hear that it's something you'll find useful. I don't have any more info at this time, as we are still in the trial phase, but once I do, I'll be sure to let you know! Thanks, Tim
  12. Hi  Sorry to hear this persists. I did hear back from the team at ProRealTime with regards to the issue you are having. They did outline that the the blue screen of death is due to a memory issue (most likely a faulty RAM module) and since the launcher optimizes the memory allocated to PRT and so this is where the issue could be stemming from. Naturally I would like to look into this further as this is a rather unique problem and also I can appreciate it would be frustrating, for which I would like to thank you for the patience you have shown. If you do not mind please feel free
  13. Hi  Sorry to hear about that. We have not had any other reports of the launcher causing the blue screen. One thing I would suggest is making sure your computer is fully up to date and then deleting the launcher from your control panel and then installing it again. If this has no effect then let me know or contact us directly and myself or another member of the Tech team will be glad to do everything we can to get to the bottom of this. I look forward to hearing from you.
  14. Hi  Sorry to hear about the issue you are having. I have not been able to replicate this and have had no other reports. Please feel free to message me directly with a number to call you on and either myself or another member of the technical support team will be more than happy to help. Thanks, Tim
  15. Hi  You will be pleased to know that this feature is indeed available on the IG platform already. All you need to do is select the 'Deals' tab from the top of the charts and then select 'Show open positions' or 'Show working orders' and this will remove these from view on the charts. If they have a blue border then it means they are switched on.  I hope that helps!
  16. Hi  Thanks for sharing your idea. I can see the point you are making as strategies that are frequently entering the market could make it difficult to see the lifespan of the trade. I have passed on the point you have made to ProRealTime as having backtests that are easier to interpret could make for better optimisation and/or for quicker build times. Thanks again!
  17. Hi  I really like the idea you have as a feature for ProRealTime. I can see how that could be of benefit to many styles of strategy and would make analysis that much easier to interpret. I do hope that is something we see in the future and thanks for sharing that!
  18. Hi  Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, that chart has been corrected for you. I hope that helps Thanks Tim
  19. Hi  Welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing the idea. I can see the point you make as I can appreciate being able to customise alerts could add value as to those that are trying to monitor many markets or those that are not always going to be at their desk to trade. With that in mind I will be sure to pass on the point you have made to the charts and alerts team. I do hope that helps and thanks for getting in touch to share your idea and if you have any more then please let us know as we would be glad to help them! Thanks, Tim
  20. Hi  Sorry to hear they're not working! Might seem like an odd suggestion, but are the time, date and region settings correct on your Mac? If they're wrong, it can cause problems. Also, could you try a different browser? If using Safari, try Chrome and vice versa. Let me know how you get on! Tim
  21. Hi  Welcome to IG Community! You should be receiving an email shortly (if you haven't already) to let you know that we've reduced margin rates on markets such as the FTSE, GBP and EUR crosses and more. Check your email for the full details and let us know if you have any questions. Tim
  22. Hi  Thanks for pointing that out and apologies for the inconvenience. We will get on the case now for you and get that sorted out. Thanks!
  23. Hi  Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your idea! This is a topic that has come up in the past and is something we are thinking about. The main issue is L2 is based on what is known as a .NET framework, which specifically does not work on a Mac. There are ways around this such as using crossover tools, however some users have found that these can work well but can have performance issues at undetermined points. With that said I can appreciate the point you make about the power that Macs can offer and so I have contacted the relevant team about finding out if there is
  24. Hi  Thanks for sharing the idea. I would welcome the opportunity to pass this on the the team that look after the deal ticket on the IG platform as I am sure there are others that share your point of view, especially those that want to trade price extremes. Thanks again and please do keep those ideas coming. Thanks, Tim
  25. Hi  We are always grateful for any feedback. Pivot points are a very important tool for many traders as they can work well for anticipating support and resistance levels as well as for placing stops and limits. Ill be sure to pass on the point you have made to the charting team as that is something I could see value in. Thanks for sharing the idea!
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