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  1. Hi  I will look to get an update for you with regards to this. As soon as I get something in terms of plans or timelines I will let you all know. With regards to the issues of performance you are having naturally that is not expected behavior and so we would love the opportunity to help resolve this issue with you. Do give us a call sometime and a member of the technical support team will be glad to help. Thanks
  2. Hi All, With the impending Brexit vote coming it is time to start thinking about the potential implications and specifically the opportunities and risks that may arise off the back of it. We had Nick Parsons from the National Australia bank comment that if UK votes for a Brexit, GBP will see a ‘substantial’ sell-off, but quickly ‘snap-back’ and then rise. This he says will happen within 24 to 48 hours of the result. Nick says, though, that the long term risk surrounds the EUR/USD which, he says, will plummet to parity and stay there. Why? This will be because of the ‘existential’ thr
  3. Hi  There are certain risk involved with dealing on financial markets, and in some cases your losses can exceed your initial deposit. Find out more information on how to manage your risk with our range of tools and resources at the following link: http://www.ig.com/uk/spread-betting-cfds-risks Do let us know if you have any further questions. Tim
  4. Hi   Thanks for the NFP estimates. Our analysts are leaning towards 160k which is the same as the previous announcement. For everyone else do let us know what you are all thinking. We do hold a webinar with our analysts before the big announcement covering trading analysis and commentary and so do sign up. http://www.ig.com/uk/non-farm-payrolls Keep your thoughts on Non Farm Payroll's coming!
  5. Hi  Thanks for posting the idea. Where did you come across such a concept as this is indeed very interesting? Naturally I have passed this on to the team at ProRealTime as ways of better graphically displaying back tested data is always of importance. As per usual thanks for sharing this as is very much food for thought!
  6. Hi  Sorry to hear about the issue you have been having with your coding. ProRealTime have said that they will be more than happy to help anyone that has any issues transitioning from the old versions to the new versions and translating the code for this accordingly. With that in mind so that we can get the ball rolling on this one please can you open the ProRealTime platform and then select 'Help' and then 'Technical Support'. Once you have done so please briefly outline the issue and the name of the strategy that has the code and then select the box that allows ProRealTime to view y
  7. Hi  Welcome to the IG community! The MT4 installer is not designed for use on a Mac. With that said there are other ways of getting MT4 on a Mac, such as installing a Windows emulator, however we would not be able to directly recommend that as it would be giving advice on a 3rd party platform being installed with a 3rd party tool. An article written by the developers of MT4 does highlight a solution using a the method outlined and they too do note that this method may be unstable and some functions of the MT4 terminal may not work. http://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-platform/
  8. Hey , Welcome to the IG Community. We’re aware of an issue with the widget for the iPhone app not refreshing at the moment, however there’s currently no scope for a fix I’m afraid. Apologies we can’t be of more assistance at the moment. Naturally should we have any information regarding this we will be glad to add that to this thread. Tim
  9. Hi , As  mentioned previously, our markets do now settle automatically albeit with a slight change of procedure. However, we do still use an independent settlement feed, which we can use to verify any positions that you believe may have settled incorrectly. Our trading team would be happy to look into trades you may be concerned about. You can find our Helpdesk contact details at the following link: http://www.ig.com/uk/contact-us Thanks, Tim
  10. Hi  Thanks for sharing the thought. Alerts are often a highly discussed topic and so we are all ears for such ideas! Ill be sure to share your idea with the alerts team and hopefully we can see this in the future. Also if you or anyone else get any other ideas for alerts then please do add them to the community and let's see what people think.
  11. Hi  The spike you see in the Top40 cash chart does indeed look to be erroneous. However after speaking to the Indices desk the spike reported was actually caused by the futures contract spiking and so this would mean this was caused by actual trading. I hope that helps!
  12. Hi  Volume is an important indicator for many traders and so it is a subject that is often brought up in conversation. Since it is such an important tool for many we want to be very mindful on what we show, as if we were to show volume for cash or DFB indices, given that this is a market we have priced then the volume associated would only be that of what is traded with IG. Such data may not always represent what is happening and so we have chosen not to show it. As to why we have not added the volume for futures that is something we are looking to do in the future. I hope that
  13. Hi  Thanks for sharing the idea. The ability create harmonic patters is not available on the ProRealTime platform and so I contacted the team at PRT to pass on your feedback. They did say that they have had some other feedback about this recently and so with that in mind they have added this to the agenda for future projects. I hope that helps!
  14. Hi  You may be interested in knowing that ProRealTime have now launched their dedicated programming forum on their coding website, ProRealCode.com. It is a community where users can share their knowledge about the ProBuilder language (ProOrder/indicators/ProScreener) from there. I do hope this helps but otherwise do get in contact with us directly and we will be glad to do what we can to help. Thanks
  15. TimP


    Hi  You may be interested in our advanced trading platform we offer called ProRealTime. It appeals to the more technical trader as it is fully customisable as well as having a powerful backtesting and automated trading suite. One of the more popular tools that is available is the screener facility within ProRealTime. You can use this to highlight markets that have met your criteria, and break outs is one of many uses of this. Below are some links that I hope will be of use and it can be accessed through the 'Tools' heading in the platform. https://www.prorealtime.com/en/help-manual/q
  16. Hi  Thanks for pointing out these chart spikes. They were reported to our chart specialist on the technical desk for which these have been addressed. Should you notice any spikes in the future on the ProRealTime platform all you need to do is go to 'Help' and then select 'Technical support' and then in the dialogue box you can mention there is a chart spike and have it so that screenshots will be added. Once you select send report that goes to us directly and we will be able to get these anomalies corrected. I do hope that helps and thanks again for bringing this to our attention
  17. Hi  I didn't realise you sent an email as well about this which I have replied to and so do check your inbox as I would like to do what I can to help you with regards to this issue. Once we have addressed the issue we can add the solution to this community post. So that everyone knows our platform, as you can imagine, has been extensively tested to operate on all popular operating systems and so the issue of lagging on a Mac is not expected behaviour. We also do recommend using Chrome as the browser of choice as this is what we have found to have the best performance with the IG p
  18. Hi  I have tried to replicate the data issue you are having but I am finding the data as expected. What we can do is look at this from a more technical perspective. Please open ProRealTime and go to the toolbar and then select 'Help' and then 'Troubleshoot'. Within the message subject box can you select 'Data issue' and then briefly explain the problem in the message box. Once you hit send report this goes to us as well as ProRealTime and we can then contact them on your behalf and find out what is causing the problem. Our support desk is open 24 hours a day so rest assu
  19. Hi , Thanks for the great idea! I can see the value in what you are talking about as it would be good to have this facility if you are looking at say how an indicator would perform on different timeframes or even for price action and candlestick analysis. This would mean you would not have to constantly change timeframe when doing regressive analysis. I have passed that on to the guys at ProRealTime and I hope we could see that in the future. Do let me know where you get the inspiration from as the ideas you have given for how to improve ProRealTime have been top quality.
  20. Hi, At this point in time you have to download the small file each time and load that to run PRT. With that said we can appreciate that can be somewhat cumbersome each time to load ProRealTime and so we are in the process of trying to streamline the way ProRealTime loads. I can't go into too much detail as it will spoil the surprise, but lets say you will be pleased with what the tech guys are coming up with....
  21. Hi  Thanks for your thoughts on the matter. I do have some good news to give and to say that progress is being made with regards to having tick volume data on the ProRealTime platform. With that said I will not be able to give a specific timeline however once I get some more definitive news I will be sure to let you know. Rest assured I am as excited as you are about this!
  22. Hi  Do feel free to add a name of one of the moderators if you have any specific questions or issues, as I am sure we will be able to help. I for instance am a Technical Specialist within Trading services and so I work closely with our trading technology and so will be more than happy to field any questions you may have on ProRealTime. I hope that helps and look forward to hearing from you!
  23. TimP


    Hi  One item you may find of great use in the market screener facility we have. http://www.ig.com/uk/ig-market-screener In the market screener you can very easily search through various equities based on a number of criteria you create that are based on past performance. Such as Return on investment, Dividend yield or even ratios. One of the best features of this is if you are logged in you can then have the search results added to your watchlist in your account! Do have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks
  24. Hi  I can definitely see where you are coming from here! The ProRealTime platform very much has customisation as a key feature and so the idea of being able to customise the values that are presented according to what you want to see would appeal to many traders, especially those that might be looking for specific technical data without having the need to have a specific chart open to see it. I have passed this on to the developers to look at and I do hope one day this will be seen. Please do let us know if you have any other ideas!
  25. Hi , Thanks for letting us know about that! I can see that this would be annoying, especially if the backtesting you are doing is for a strategy that is of high frequency. Given that this sounds to not be expected behaviour I have informed the ProRealTime technical team of this to investigate further. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and once I hear back from them regarding this I will let you know!
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