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  1. Hi  I have spoken to ProRealTime with regards to your query into the 10.3 platform testing. They have said that they will have 10.3 available to be used very soon which is exciting! With that in mind do visit their site in the coming weeks for they will be confirming the release of 10.3. In terms of when we will be integrating the new features to the ProRealTime platform we offer I would not be able to specify as and when that will be as firstly we will want to see how the new upgrade performs and then secondly we will want to do some compatibility and integration testing of our
  2. Hi  The DDE export facility is not available on the IG powered ProRealTime platform. Naturally I can see the value of being able to directly export data so that one can be able to perform their own analysis. With that said I will pass on your feedback internally as one of the hurdles that would need to be considered for being able to have such a facility would be how being able to export data would be viewed by our exchange counterparties. I do hope that helps!
  3. Hi  Thanks for sharing your idea about the quick access interface on the ProRealTime platform. You may be interested to hear that we only recently had a meeting with the team at ProRealTime about the changes we may see in the future and going through the feedback we get about what we offer. The trailing stops feature is something that many traders do derive a lot of value out of and so rest assured I will echo the point you have made directly to the technical team at ProRealTime. I do hope that helps and I would like to encourage any feedback that you may have as we thrive on su
  4. Hi  Thanks for the feedback. I can totally understand the point you have made with regards to the ProRealTime backtesting and ProOrder facility. I will be sure to pass on the points you have raised to the team at ProRealTime as I can see the value that having indicators used in a strategy are automatically added to the chart that the strategy is applied to. With regards to the second point you have made about optimisation I will ask the team at PRT to play close attention to this as it could very much make a great improvement to the backtesting facility and thus many of the ProRealTi
  5. Hi , Welcome to the IG Community! It's currently possible to pull your open positions into Excel using our Web API. The sample sheet you can download from here, will allow you to do this. For a bit more info on how to set this up, check out our Getting Started page. Hope this helps, but do let us know if you have any questions! Tim
  6. Hi  Thanks for sharing the idea! The length you have gone into describing it is greatly appreciated and so I will be sure to pass on the point you have made to the team at PRT! I can see many areas where value could be had using those boxes and so I do hope to see this in the future. Please do keep the ideas coming!
  7. Hi , Welcome to the IG community! Thanks for your feedback. We really enjoy such comments as it is these very ideas that we have acted on to help better improve many elements of out trading platform as well as the service we offer. The point you have made I can see the value in and so I will be sure to pass this on to the relevant team as this could be useful to many strategies! You may be interested in the ProRealTime platform that we also offer, as this has many advanced trading tools, such as being able to set market orders according to a trendline that you may find use of
  8. Hi , Just to let you know that I have been contacted by ProRealTime. They would like to extend a special thank you to you for the contributions you have given, for which they have discussed in depth and some have been added to the to do list of their Java developers. Keep up the good work!
  9. Hi  Thanks for putting that together as I can see the point you are making. One of the most important elements to a backtest is the metrics that it can offer as to a strategies performance. With that in mind I have contacted the ProRealTime team with your ideas on what can be done to improve the backtesting function. I do hope that helps and as always please do keep those ideas coming!
  10. Hi, Thanks for sharing that very useful insight. I can see how making a more uniform approach to displaying the equity curves would be of a lot of use as it would allow for quicker analysis of results. I have passed this point on to the ProRealTime team to look into and hopefully they will be able to make those changes you have mentioned. As always thanks for your feedback and also please do keep them coming!
  11. Hey Mark, The stops/limits on the PRT charts will always show at the absolute levels, whilst the chart candles themselves will remain at the mid-price. There's not currently a way to change this I'm afraid. Nonetheless, I'll pass your comments onto the PRT team for future consideration! Tim
  12. Hey Benji, Welcome to the Community. I know we've been looking into adding Volume to the ProRealTime spreadbetting charts, however due to the increase in data that we would be sending to PRT it's actually quite a complex matter. Our technical architects are looking in to the feasibility of this, however it may be some time before the project will get off the ground I'm afraid. We'll let you know if we get any updates. Tim
  13. Hi Mark, My colleague would have been correct when they said that the ProRealTime charts only show the Mid Price. Unfortunately you can't change the price on the charts to Bid/Ask, but you can add an indicator call the 'Bid-ask colour band', which will display the current Bid/Ask prices as horizontal lines. Maybe this will help? Would you also be able to clarify what you mean by 'Stop Loss / Stop Profit indicators'? Thanks, Tim
  14. Hi , Using our Web API it's now actually possible to pull data from our platform into Excel. I'd recommend taking a look at our Labs website: labs.ig.com. Here you'll find some info on getting started, and also a section for our sample apps, where you can download a sample Excel sheet. I hope this helps, and do let me know if you have any questions! Tim
  15. Hey , Glad to hear that's helped! Do let us know if you have any other questions. Tim
  16. Hi Mark (), Welcome to the IG Community. I've just moved your post to our Charts section, as it seems more relevant here. It's definitely possible to show lines you have drawn on the Daily timeframe on lower time frames. In the Options menu of the PRT toolbar just select Platform options - General, and then there is an tick box for 'Lines displayed on inferior time units'. This will add any new lines you draw to all lower time frames. Regarding the Pivot Point settings, when adding these to the 5 minute chart, there should be an option for the Period. If you set this to 'Daily', it wi
  17. Hi , Welcome to the IG Community. I'm afraid it's not possible to remove weekend or out of ours data from the IG charts, but it's a good point you raise, and one that I will feed back to our chart developers. Please note however that you can choose the trading hours you wish to view on our advanced charting platform, ProRealTime. This would also affect your Pivot Point calculations, so that they only take into account the trading hours you select (in your case 8am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday). Please do let us know if you would like any more information about ProRealTime or setting it u
  18. Hi  Are there any levels that you are going to be looking out for? The FTSE has been having a battle over the 6000 level and the thoughts on many traders minds are will it sink or swim. With so much Fundamental news being released traders are trying to determine what is the leading light for the next phase. Keep an eye out for some of the posts that our analysts produce as they do paint a great picture about the techncials and fundamentals of the major markets.
  19. Hi, I am glad to hear you are enjoying the major market move alerts! We came up with these based on feedback we had from many clients wanting to be alerted to out of ordinary market activity. At this point in time the functionality of the alerts is being tested and so the abilty to adjust them is not available, however rest assured I have echoed your request to the team that is looking after these alerts. In terms of the levels that are set these are predefined according to the market they are related to and for what is considered a major market move for that market. If you have
  20. Hi Stef, Just to let you know that I have just been in contact with ProRealTime regarding your feedback. They would like to thank you for the thought you have put into your feedback as such clarity really does give them a lot to work with and I hope one day to see a platform that has followed the legacy of the points you have made. Thanks again!
  21. Hi Stef, Just to let you know I received a message from one of the team at ProRealTime personally thank you for your feedback. Do keep it coming!
  22. Hi Stef, The ProRealTime team have reverted back with regards to your feewdback. They have said they are currently working on improving the Probuilder language which will include adding new vocabulary. With the new vocabulary you will be able to draw certain objects right in the coding zone. With the ideas you have shared they will be submitted to the specific team in charge of these improvements. Thanks again and keep these ideas coming!
  23. Hi Stef, ProRealTime have returned with regards to this and said this was considered in the past however there was very little feedback for the project that would specify a new line stating the gain for each strategy. Due to your feedback this has now been passed to their developers to look into incorporating into the next version! I have to thank you the for great idea and as always if there is anything else you can think of then we would love to hear it!
  24. Hi Stef, Thanks for getting in contact and sharing your idea. I will be sure to pass on the points you have raised to the team at ProRealTime as like ourselves they greatly value feedback. Once I hear back from them I will let you know! Thanks
  25. Hi Stef, Thank you very much for taking time to give us feedback. I have passed this onto ProRealTime for you and I do have to thank you for the detail you have gone into with your feedback. As soon as I hear form the PRT team I will let you know and as always if there is anything else you would like to add please let me know. Thanks, Tim
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