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  1. Hi Thinker, Thanks for getting in contact and do not apologise for the length of your query as we can fully appreciate a complicated matter might not be able to be simply put. I have spoken with James who works on our Binary options desk and he has come back with the following: 'Hi Thinker, I understand the rationale for all of your questions and I’ll try and address your queries as best I can. Should you have any further questions do let me know and I will be glad to be of assistance. 1) Spread I completely understand your confusion at the “random” nature of our spread and wi
  2. Hi Sferreir, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We do speak to the team at Pro Real Time often and the points you have made will be passed on as like ourselves Pro Real Time value client feedback to spur innovation. The Strategy building feature is a commonly used tool and so the points you have raised could add value for many other traders. Thanks again for the idea!
  3. The testing stages are actually relatively short, the majority of the time spent has been integrating this with our systems. Naturally when it comes to improvements and changes no stone is left unturned as the launch of the update we are aiming to be seemless.
  4. Hi Sferreir, The 10.2 version is something we have not released yet and we are in the final stages of testing. This final stage is to make sure that everything on the new update works perfectly with our systems. Having had a look at the v10.2 I am every excited for its release, for which I have been told we are expecting this to be soon. Once I get a specific date I will be sure to mention it here, so do watch this space!
  5. Hi FiringSquad13, If you consider yourself a novice you are very much mistaken as the Fibonacci you have applied has been used very well. This can be seen with the Fibonacci levels illustrating key levels of support or resistance as well as inflection points, where resistance becomes support later on. I would go as far as commending you your find as it does provide food for thought and the only thing I would recommend looking at would be to consider the 0 &100% levels being on the exact price of the High or Low or on the closing prices of the High and low. Thanks for sharing a
  6. Hi Nick, The IG TV app is still available to be downloaded and used. If you are unable to find it I would suggest downloading it again from the Apple store. Hope that helps!
  7. Glad to hear you like the interviews we've been putting out. The guys in the TV studio are looking to create more two way pieces, with client questions and requested segments. Hopefully we'll have some more news soon!
  8. Hi FiringSquad13, I have contacted the market analysts regarding this and they are going to create some more soon. Once I get some specifics regarding this I will let you know!
  9. Glad to hear that! We are always grateful for feedback. If there is anything in particular you would like to see then please let us know.
  10. Hi Sferreir, Thanks for your suggestion. The point (forgive the pun) you have made I can see would add value for other users, as it would be able to indicate signals in a more definitive fashion and would also be more aesthitcally pleasing. I have contacted Pro Real Time on your behalf to find out if there is a way of doing so conventionally or by using code. Once they get back to me I will let you know. Thanks again for sharing your idea!
  11. Hi FiringSquad13, Have you taken a look at our introduction to technical analysis, found here? We also have a couple videos on our youtube channel on different candlesticks - and . Hope this helps!
  12. Glad to hear you Android App is working well .  what issues have you been experiencing with the charts on your Android app? Have you tried force closing the app, or removing and reinstalling it? Let me know how you get on.
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