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  1. The African swine fever disease has reached Southeast Asia and parts of Europe, including the world’s biggest producer of Pork, China. A prediction from the Japanese bank Nomura, is that this could cause prices to rise by 78% in China by 2020, to 33 yuan per kilogram from 18.5 yuan Senior US and China officials to organise more face-to-face trade talks, aiming to reach a deal by early May and to sign at the end of that month North Korea claims it has test-fired a new weapon with a ‘powerful warhead’, its first test since Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump’s talks which ended without an a
  2. EU agrees to postpone Brexit until 22 May if MPs approve a deal next week, otherwise the UK will leave by 12 April, a much shorter deadline Levi Strauss shares rocket, with initial public offering above expectations at $17, and closing at $22.5 China to potentially miss out on $5.5trillion growth opportunity in digital trade if they do not build effort on data privacy and intellectual property protection issues Uber to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is predicted its initial public offering in April, at a value as high as $120billion European stocks mixed f
  3. Chinese factory activity reduces for the third month in a row with Caixin/Markit Manufacturing PMI at 49.9 for February. A reading above 50 shows expansion Rolls-Royce announces a pre-tax loss of £2.9billion for 2018, after a profit of £3.89billion in the previous year Minister George Eustice quits the government in relation to Theresa May’s promise allowing MPs to vote on delaying Brexit, if the deal is rejected Asia stocks slightly higher with the Hang Seng higher by 0.45 percent, Nikkei 225 increasing 1.14 percent and ASX 200 by 0.46 percent US GDP beats expectations
  4. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un summit cut down to 30 minutes with no agreement reached and the joining signing ceremony cancelled, however, both parties are “looking forward to meeting in the future” Tensions rise as India and Pakistan confirm attacks on both sides, with India admitting to conducting strikes against a militant camp on Tuesday and Pakistan claiming to have shot down Indian jets. This has led to worries of a potential South Asia war with the US, France, Australia and China urging for the situation to not be escalated Jeremy Corbyn to back another EU referendum after hi
  5. HSBC fails to beat expectations for 2018 earnings, reporting 15.9 percent higher in pre-tax profit and 4.5 percent in revenue, in comparison to 2017, against the expected 23.8 percent increase in pre-tax profit and 6.28 percent for revenue Trade talks between the US and China begin today in Washington, which according to a top official from the US Chamber of Commerce, can only progress if Trump’s administration also creates ways to enforce a trade agreement Asian stocks mixed after the US were claiming that Chinese mobile network gear may cause a cybersecurity threat to countries w
  6. Bank of England believes the UK economy is set for the worst year since the financial crisis, as its growth forecasts for 2019 decline from 1.7 percent to 1.2 percent due to a slow economy and Brexit doubt Trump to sign order to ban Chinese telecommunication equipment from US wireless networks May travels to Dublin to discuss Brexit negotiations as she believes a deal could be agreed with Parliament if binding changes can be made to the backstop Asian stocks decline after concerns between the US and China trade war, as Trump refuses to meet Xi before the trade deadline. Hang
  7. Amazon announced a rise in investments, causing shares to fall over 5 percent , however beats earnings per share expectations and revenue, reporting $6.04 per share in comparison to an estimate of $5.68 per share and a revenue of $72.4billion versus %71.9billion. Caxin Manufacturing PMI falls below expectations to 48.3 in January in comparison to 49.7 in December, its lowest reading since 2016 Stocks in Asia mostly traded higher, with the Shanghai Composite increasing around 1.3 percent, Shenzhen component and Shenzhen Composite also rising by around 1.7 percent, the opposite to th
  8. A mixed session for the Asian markets this morning, following the report of the US cancelling the trade meet with Chinese officials due to outstanding disagreements over intellectual property rules. Shanghai composite, Hang Seng Index and Nikkei 225 rose slightly in comparison to ASX 200, Shenzhen component and Shenzhen composite which saw a slight decline US stocks fall overnight as the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined by over 300 points, the S&P 500 by 1.4% and Nasdaq Composite falling 1.9% A delay in Brexit is the most likely option, according to the Former Chancellor,
  9. US and China meeting in Beijing 7th - 8th Jan, to hold trade talks at vice ministerial level, looking to end the trade war as both economies are affected Theresa May warns the UK of an ‘uncharted territory’ if the Brexit deal is rejected by Parliament. May announces that she has agreed to some ‘changes’ whilst talking to European leaders including specific measures for Northern Ireland, a greater role for Parliament negotiations on the next stage of the future UK-EU relation and additional assurances over the Irish border backstop. MPs are expected to vote on the 14th or 15th January.
  10. House Democrats won votes to end the partial government shutdown, however, has not brought Congress any closer to resolve Trumps demand for $5billion for a wall. Apple stocks fell on Thursday to $142.19, its lowest price level since July 2017. This pushed its market valuation behind the market cap of Alphabet, as it drops $450billion in market value China and US announced plans to hold trade talks on 7-8 Jan, at a Vice ministerial level in hopes of ending the trade war which has affected both economies and financial markets Asia markets trade at mixed levels; Nikkei 225 fall
  11. Facebook Inc. works on its plans to create a cryptocurrency allowing money to be transferred on Whatsapp, focusing on the remittances market in India first Chinese stocks become one of the worst performers globally as the Shanghai composite and Shenzhen index fall over 20% and 30% respectively this year US Futures show a slight incline in performance for stocks on Wall Street, following a fall for the second day in a row. Dow Jones Industrial Average suggests an opening gain over around 113.40 on Friday morning, following the decline on Thursday of 464.06 points. S&P 500 and th
  12. Asia stocks were higher Wednesday morning; Nikkei 225 rising over 2%, ASX 200 up by 1.25% and Hang Seng Index around 1.36%. This was followed by the news of China to cut US car tariffs from the planned 40% to 15%, the same tax charge on car imports from other countries May traveled on Tuesday back to Europe to try and gain a few more concessions from the European side, in regards to the Brexit deal. It is rumoured that 48 letters of no longer supporting May have been sent. May to face a vote of no confidence on Wednesday between 18:00 GMT and 20:00 GMT. Canada grants bail by settin
  13. Trump reported that Brexit could potentially threaten a UK-US trade deal, leaving Britain unable to negotiate a free-trade agreement with the US OPEC to meet in Vienna next week to discuss levels of oil production. It is expected to be cut down by 1million to 1.5million barrels due to worries of the US-China trade war Trump announced a potential introduction of applying a 10% tariff on iPhones imported from China, which could increase to 25% on January 1st Ukraine to bring martial law for 30 days, following the attack from Russian military, wounding several sailors Asia
  14. Dolce and Gobbana tension rises as their goods are no longer available on a few Chinese e-commerce sites, including Taobao and JD. Com. Spain threatens to vote against the Brexit deal as they request that any decisions in relation to the territory of Gibraltar to only be discussed directly with Madrid. EU negotiators are meeting today to try and resolve this before the summit taking place on Sunday Asian markets show a decline with the Shanghai composite falling 2.25%, the Shenzhen composite by 3.5% and the Hang Seng index falling 0.62% Oil prices continued to decline with t
  15. Brexit draft has been backed up by the cabinet where Theresa May will announce a speech on Thursday to the Parliament, however, there are assumptions that this could end with a vote of no confidence China delivering a written response to the US demands for wide-ranging trade reforms, which could potentially end the trade war between the two countries Bitcoin market capitalisation declines to its lowest level since October 2017, falling to under $100billion. Ethereum and XRP also decline by 13% and 15% respectively Oil prices fall to its lowest with Brent crude falling almost
  16. Hello @Wilsby, Unfortunately Baudi Inc ADR cannot be added onto your ISA portfolio due to recent regulations with its main listing. Apologies
  17. China’s dollar denominated imports and exports rise by 21.4% and 15.6% respectively, in comparison to year ago, however, its overall trade surplus was lower than expected, valued at $34.01billion for October, versus $35billion US Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired by Trump where Matthew Whitaker, his Chief of Staff to take over temporarily Theresa May announces that the withdrawal deal is 95% complete, and invites Cabinet Ministers to read the UK’s draft deal with the EU General secretary of Merkel’s CDU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, assumed to be the next leader, according
  18. Philip Hammond to announce the last UK annual budget plan before Brexit on Monday HSBC announces a rise in profit before tax of around 28% year-on-year to $5.922billion IBM to acquire Red Hat for $34billion, buying all shares at $190 each Jair Bolsonaro wins Brazilians Presidential election with just over 55% of votes Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union votes falls to 28% from 38.3% from the last election Economic growth for China fell short of expectations, including an economic slowdown in recent shipping data Investcorp to increase investment in the US, a
  19. Japan and China sign a bilateral currency swap to improve financial stability Asia predicted to be more vulnerable than the US in regards to the sell-off in global stock markets, according to managing director of FX strategy for BK Asset Management US Futures direct more than a 200-point drop for Dow Jones, after seeing a slight recovery on Thursday Amazon shares drop nearly 9% in after-hours trading, regardless of hitting record profits of nearly $2.9billion in the last quarter in comparison to $256million last year, and sales increasing 29% in the third-quarter to $56.6bill
  20. Trump announces that the Fed is his biggest threat as they are increasing rates ‘too quickly’ Theresa May is to visit Brussels for an EU summit today to agree on the terms of the UK-EU agreement, in order for a final decision to be made in November Netflix quarterly results show yet another rise in new subscribers, signing up 6.96 million customers in this quarter, totaling a global amount of 137.1 million Canada becomes the second country to legalise the use of Cannabis and Marijuana Spot Gold market trend starts to incline, breaking out of its previous month’s bearish
  21. Chinese stocks decline and the renminbi devalued overnight, despite the PBoC reducing requirements for capital reserves. China's central bank to cut down Reserve Requirement Ratio, releasing 1.2tn Yuan in liquidity, and putting 750bn Yuan ($109bn or £83bn) in cash into the financial system. CSI300 down 3.7%. The Australian ASX also saw sell offs moving the mining and finance centric index down 1.2%. US employment figures out on Friday caused a flurry of Treasury sell offs, however the coming weeks agenda is likely to remain dominated by bond market news. Brazilian Presidentia
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