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  1. So the site appears to have gone down and there is no help available as usual. The Helpdesk are not answering the phone or available to chat.
  2. No the share dealing account is subject to tax. You will need to make a seperate application for an ISA and it will appear.
  3. Not tax wrapper enabled. means that it cannot be traded in an ISA due to the tax rules applied in an ISA. You should be able to trade the securities in your dealing account instead but you will be subject to tax.
  4. Hi Malc You should in most cases be able to set a stop loss for your positions. Just click on Sell , in the right of the field where it says limit, click the triangle to see the list of order types to select stop. You will only see Stop when the market is open though.
  5. Yes they are never available when things go awry. It is what it is so use it for a while and then get a proper broker.
  6. I'm afraid if you are expecting any help from IG you are in the wrong place. You need to troll them on Twitter and they may actually take notice.
  7. So today I am confronted with messages advising me that each US stock I try to place an order against is not available online. WTF is this about, there is no help available. No status messages to say anything is wrong. I have been with IG a long time but am going to get a US broker instead.
  8. I too daily experience issues trying to place trades in my ISA account. When you find a stock you never know whether its going to be allowed until you try to place the order.
  9. Why have I got a CFD mail regarding my ISAaccount? And why is the chat icon never there when there is an issue.
  10. Thanks for the reply James but the link does not work. I have forwarded the notice I have received from Primary Bid to the IG helpdesk. So I'll see how it goes.
  11. Hi If you buy shares from placings via "Primary Bid" can you accept the transfer from Jarvis securities?
  12. I am seeing missing data too for US stocks.
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