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  1. I am having a similar issue with my Smart ISA and Smart portfolio showing zero on my dashboard. IG live chat and the IG help desk (different people each time) just keep saying following the basic troubleshooting (which does not fix it). IG have been pretty useless addressing it and no one on the help desk wants to take ownership of the issue and look into it. How was your issue resolved?
  2. I've recently had a similar issue with balances showing zero. IG live chat help and the helpdesk have been basically useless. How did it get resolved?
  3. Has anyone had the issue on the myIG dashboard where the balance of the Smart ISA, and the overall ISA accounts total, is no longer being displayed? It stopped showing a few weeks back. Only the balance of the self invest ISA is displayed. I tried taking up with IG support/help desk but they have been useless.
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